Groom executed after leaving church wedding

Marco Antonio was murdered minutes after celebrating his religious wedding in Caborca, Sonora, this Saturday night. This Sunday, the governor, Alfonso Durazo, confirmed that it was a direct attack, although he said that it should not generate psychosis.

There is no greater reason for a mood of psychosis, you have to take the normal care that you have in any other city, the first lines of investigation suggest that it was an attack specifically directed against the person.

In the transmission of Caborca ​​Informs It can be seen that the attack was recorded outside the church that is in the center of the municipality, where the emergency services arrived to provide first aid, although they were unable to save the man’s life.

The Attorney General of Sonora reported that the man was originally from Durango and a resident of the state of Jalisco.

The prosecutor’s office requested citizen collaboration to provide information that leads to the capture of the person or persons responsible; in addition to the fact that for the investigation it will take into account data released on social networks, in addition to the fact that C5 was requested to record camera recordings.

From the first interviews it is deduced that in the event Only one aggressor participated but it will be fully investigated, including a man who came for medical attention for gunshot injuries in another apparently unrelated event.

On Saturday night, the direct attack on a man was recorded outside a church in the municipality of Caborca ​​who died while traveling to receive medical attention.

The Secretary of Public Security of Sonora reported that a woman was injured, who is reported out of danger.

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Marco Antonio, 32 years old, was a Systems Engineer, originally from Durango and living in Guadalajara, he arrived that same day accompanied by his family to get married in the Sonoran municipality.

The bride, a lawyer by profession, belongs to a well-known family in the town, was unharmed. The woman who was injured is the sister of the deceased.

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