Jacob Tremblay in 'The Room'

Jacob Tremblay conquered the world at the tender age of 8 with his unforgettable performance in ‘The Room’, a film that earned Brie Larson her first Oscar and for which many asked for a nomination for the little actor. Tremblay walked through all the red carpets and programs wasting innocence and freshness, and got the public in his pocket.

His resume grew with roles in films like ‘Wonder’, ‘Henry’s Secret Book’, ‘Predator’, ‘The Death and Life of John F. Donovan’, ‘Good Boys’ or ‘Doctor Sleep’; but in the last two or three years he has dedicated himself above all to giving voice to animation projects, with ‘Luca’ from Pixar being one of the most prominent. Hence many of them have dropped their jaws when they saw the growth spurt they recently had.

Tremblay shared several photos on Instagram on Saturday, October 22, of his time at the Animation Is Film Festival in Los Angeles, where he presented the animated film ‘My Father’s Dragon’, in which he voices the protagonist. Immediately, the publication was filled with comments pointing out the same thing. “When did you grow up so fast? I saw you on ‘Good Boys’ yesterday”said one. “16 years and they have completely changed your face”contributed another user. “HE HAS GROWN UP!!!”added another surprised.

But no, we do not live in a reality created by Wanda Maximoff in which children grow rapidly. The accounts fit and time flies (now more than ever). ‘The room’ premiered in 2015, seven years ago. Tremblay was 8 years old when he recorded it, 9 when he presented it. The young actor, born in 2006, just turned 16 this month (October 5, to be exact).. Let’s face it: we’re all going to die.

Before the surprised comments to his change, Tremblay wanted to sign up on Twitter by sharing the classic meme How It Started vs. How It’s Going, with a before and after comparison of these seven years since he rose to fame with ‘La habitacion’. The post, of course, is full of jokes (or maybe they aren’t jokes) pointing out how fast he’s grown and how old the rest of us are getting.

a very busy future

Tremblay will soon return in front of the cameras in the high-budget reboot of ‘The Toxic Avenger’ starring Peter Dinklage. But before, we will hear his voice again in the original version of the remake of ‘The Little Mermaid’, where he plays the Flounder fish. And that’s not all, his agenda is very full for the next few years, with numerous projects, live action and animation, such as ‘Queen of Bones’, ‘Cold Copy’, ‘Skeleton Tree’ and the new feature film from the prestigious studio Laika , ‘Wildwood’.


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