Dos Bocas Refinery is a 'monument to environmental destruction': Ricardo Anaya

The former presidential candidate of the PAN, Ricardo Anaya, today criticized the environmental policy of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, since his large projects, such as the Mayan Train, have caused deforestation. In addition, he described the Dos Bocas refinery in Tabasco as an environmental disaster.

In a video broadcast on social networks, he recalled that in 2018 López Obrador promised not to cut down a single tree to build the Mayan Train in the Mexican southeast, however, 458 thousand hectares have been cut down.

“They have felled not just one but hundreds of thousands of trees.”

“And their Sembrando Vida program, which they said was to reforest, has caused exactly the opposite. Because millions of trees have been felled, to have a place to plant the new ones, but the new trees are dying. Another program made with the legs, ”says Anaya in her video.

The PAN member pointed out that the Dos Bocas refinery is an environmental disaster because mangroves were devastated during its construction, which has already led to flooding in the area.

On October 17, a video and various photos that circulated on social networks showed how access to the Olmec refineryalso known as two mouthsof Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex)in Tabasco, was flooded after the intense rains registered throughout the country.

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