Henry Cavill returns as Superman

SPOILERS beware!

*This article contains spoilers for the ‘Black Adam’ post-credits scene.

“The Age of Hope, Renewed”. Although it has been an open secret since the post-credits scene of ‘Black Adam’ was leaked days before the film’s premiere, it had not yet been made official. But it has been Henry Cavill himself who has published a video on Instagram giving the very good news to all those who did not lose faith: his superman is backAnd not just for a cameo in the Dwayne Johnson movie.

“I wanted to wait until the end of the weekend before posting this, because I wanted to give you all a chance to see ‘Black Adam.’ But now that so many of you have seen it, I wanted to make it official: I’m back as Superman. The image that you have seen in this publication and what you saw in ‘Black Adam’ are just a small appetizer of what is to come Cavill says smiling in the video in which he also takes the opportunity to thank his fans for the patience they have had: “There are many things to be grateful for, I will do it in due course, but I wanted to thank you for your support and your patience. I promise you it will be rewarded.

As Dwayne Johnson explained to us in our interview, Dany Garcia, manager of both The Rock and Henry Cavill, fought for six years to get the actor back as Clark Kent. He encountered many obstacles, most notably from DC Films president Walter Hamada. But with the merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery, the new board did not object to the actor returning to a role that he had not played since ‘Justice League’.

When will we see Superman again?

At the time of filming the cameo he did not have a signed contract and, as indicated by the hollywoodreporterthe post-credits scene was recorded with a body double without showing his face. Last September, Cavill recorded the scene once the agreement had been formalized. What does this new contract consist of? The exact length is unknown, but it seems increasingly clear that the Man of Steel sequel will be one of those projects.

Who knows if this new agreement finally allows Zachary Levi to cross paths with him, this time showing his face, in ‘Shazam! The fury of the gods’, which we will see in theaters in March of next year. And of course We will have to continue with the thread that ‘Black Adam’ released in its post-credits scenewith the kryptonian becoming the special envoy of Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) to remind the antihero that he may claim to be the most powerful man on Earth, but that he is the most powerful being in the universe.

Johnson also told us that while he wants the DC Universe to explore new places and characters, can’t build a new era for the franchise without “his number one”. Now that they have secured it, everything indicates that the Rock will ensure that Clark Kent is the mainstay of this stage, and that Black Adam will follow closely behind.


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