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    If there is something we like about horror movies and series, it is discovering their final twists. That moment when the film is ending in which you discover something that you hadn’t even thought about and that leaves you speechless for a long time. The surprise plot twists of the cinema that left us amazed, the kind with which you spend hours arguing with friends or even searching Google for someone who explains it better (it has happened to us with the explained ending of ‘Us by Jordan Peele or with the explained ending of ‘Hereditary’, among others). Some mythical ones are the revelation of the murderers of ‘Scream’ or that final moment of ‘Bloody Camp’ (‘Sleepaway Camp’), worthy of the best horror movies in cinema history. Nevertheless, these final twists have not always lived up to what we expected, so today we want to review five of them that disappointed us a little. And yes, they come accompanied by a few spoilers.

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‘High tension’ (Alexandre Aja, 2003)

this classic slasher of the wildest era of French cinema is one of the jewels of Alexandre Aja. But as much as we like it, that final twist where it’s discovered that the protagonist, Marie, is actually the one behind the murders, and that the huge trucker chasing them is just a figment of their imagination, fails to convince us. Watching the film again knowing this twist, a lot of situations don’t hold up, and apparently it was all because Luc Besson (script consultant) wanted a ‘Sixth Sense’ ending. The worst thing is that years before Dean Koontz had already told the same story in ‘Intensity’.

‘Never play with strangers’ (John Dahl, 2001)

The film follows a trio of students who play a practical joke on a truck driver (voiced by Ted Levine) who then wants to kill them. Although in the end it seems that they have finished with him, it is soon revealed that the trucker has evaded the authorities and has faked his own death by planting a corpse? in his truck.

A bit of an elaborate ending, but look, the movie was written by JJ Abrams, and we know that it has improved quite a bit in the final turns. Hello, ‘Lost’?

‘Gothika’ (Mathieu Kassovitz, 2003)

Halle Berry saw one of his first failures in this thriller psychological in which it accompanies our dear Penelope Cruz. In it, Berry’s character is locked up in the psychiatric hospital where she works after being accused of killing her husband. The first thing that doesn’t make sense to her is that they lock her up in the same center where she works… along with her own patients. Hello? And the second thing is that she saw it coming the local sheriff was one of the killers along with Berry’s own husband, who is also possessed by one of the ghosts of her husband’s victims and his accomplice. Nothing makes sense, really.

‘Silence from evil’ (James Wan, 2007)

James Wan’s second film after ‘Saw’ and his first flop. In this we meet Jamie, whose wife has been killed by a possessed ventriloquist dummy. After defeating the culprit of this, the evil Mary Shaw and her army of creepy dolls, Jamie discovers that human bodies can also be used as ventriloquist dummies. Therefore, it follows that half of the film’s cast were actually dolls being used by a vengeful ghost. We still don’t understand how Jamie didn’t realize that everyone around him was actually dead…

‘Bloody Valentine 3-D’ (Patrick Lussier, 2009)

this funny slasher I had a somewhat frustrating twist endingand is that after a series of horrible murders, the film chooses to play our protagonist the murderer, being traumatized by a previous massacre in this town at the hands of another killer. The worst thing is that he digs up the body of the first villain to use his clothes in the new killings, but how did he find his body so easily being in the middle of the forest?

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