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The new Avatar 2 trailer has big news. The news about the saga are extraordinarily positive for all fans.

Avatar 2 has announced big news about its next trailer. According to film expert and industry insider Amit Chaudhari, the new official preview of the Walt Disney Pictures film directed by James Cameron is imminent.

Amit Chaudhari, who regularly deals with leaking trailer releases, revealed that Walt Disney Pictures has some official sneak peeks scheduled ahead of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. I mean, not everything is Marvel Studios. That includes a new look at Avatar 2. Amit Chaudhari also noted that the studio’s plans with the James Cameron franchise also include the remastering of the original film in Disney Plus.

The great bet of Walt Disney Pictures for the saga of James Cameron. Will it be worth it?

“I’ve been hearing that Walt Disney Pictures has a few more trailers scheduled before Black Panther: Wakanda Forever comes out,” the insider said. “That includes the new trailer for Avatar 2. They are also planning to add the remastered version of the original film on Disney Plus. This will happen from next month.” If there really is an official trailer from Walt Disney Pictures, most likely, the studio machinery with the long-awaited sequel will kick off from there.

It has been reported that each sequel to the James Cameron franchise is going to cost the studio about $250 millionabout. Therefore, by the time the four films are finished, they will have invested a billion dollars. It is unknown if the $250 million figure also includes marketing and advertising costs for Avatar 2. Looking back, the original film had a budget of $237 million. Of that budget, 150 million were invested in promotion.

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