Cheaper Disney +: there will already be a basic plan with advertising

Disney+ works in a new subscription plan to the cheaper platform and without some popular platform features. This new plan will initially arrive in the United States in December.

This new plan will include inter-content advertising and will no longer have GroupWatch and SharePlay features available..

Group Watch is a function that is built into Disney+ and that allows you to view the content simultaneously with friends or family either from the website or from the mobile application for iOS or Android.

On the other hand, SharePlay is a functionality that is only available for Apple devices (except for the Mac), which is used to view content while making a call through FaceTime.

Last August, the company announced that it would make available to subscribers a new offer of its service with ads, whose monthly price would be 7.99 dollars (just over 150 Mexican pesos), compared to 10.99 dollars ( 218 Mexican pesos) of the standard service without advertising.

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