Do you have flights to Florida and Cuba from Mexico?  Hurricane Ian may have changed your itinerary

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He reported that this weekend a delegation of Mexican officials will travel to the United States with the aim that the country bring back Category 1 in air safety.

During Tuesday’s morning press conference, the president said that those who will go to Washington on behalf of Mexico are the dispatcher of the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT), the undersecretary and the person in charge of aviation.

“A lot of progress is already being made, they are going to travel to Washington precisely this weekend because there is a meeting in the US to try to get the highest category to return,” he said.

López Obrador considered that it is necessary to expand the offer on domestic flightswhich justified the creation of a new airline operated by the armed forces.

Among the alternatives proposed by the president are also the airline rescue by the private initiative and the opening of the industry to foreign airlines who want to participate in local flights in Mexico.

“The offer needs to be expanded and there are therefore three options: one, and they are not opposed, because it could be 3 or 2, one that can create a new line. The other is that from the IP they want to rescue Aeromar, Interjet itself, that is very troubled, those who wanted to participate we would help, whether nationals or foreigners”, he said.

“The third, that the same ones that are now increase their frequency. And the other is that aviation be opened; that foreign lines from Europe and the US can arrive and carry out trips to the interior of the country, because this would mean more competition”.

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In May 2021, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) lowered the aviation security profile of Mexico to Category 2an action that prevents Mexican airlines from adding new flights to the US and limits the ability of companies to carry out operating agreements with each other.

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