US uncovers problems with Mexico over energy;  PRD would launch presidential candidates and more |  Political Columns 07/20/2022

“Transcended, in Millennium

That The National Defense Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, headed by the PAN member Ricardo Villarreal, is summoned to meet this Tuesday and even though the only item on the agenda is to issue its opinion on the budget of the Ministry of Defense for 2023 , the legislators guard their weapons and are ready for a heated debate after Secretary General Luis Cresencio Sandoval canceled the meeting scheduled for last week due to the supposedly “disrespectful” letter that the emecist Sergio Barrera addressed to him to express his disagreement with the I meet at the central offices of the Army and not at the Palacio de San Lázaro.

“Major Temple” in Reforma

AT THIS POINT in the six-year term, it has become sufficiently clear that, in order to cover a hole, the 4T open another four holes. And with the new government idea to try to control inflation, what is coming is… a sinkhole!

AND IT IS NOT to be pessimistic, but that of granting free food import licenses only to certain companies friendly to National Palacepromises a commercial, economic and even health indigestion.

“Under Reserve” in El Universal

The directors of the new Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) are on alert. The alert is not for a minor issue because, they tell us, in the tender that the AIFA carried out to hire a service that provides maintenance to its tracks and roads, and that prevents potholes from forming, it was declared void. They detail us that, in the failure of that tender, it was determined that the only company that had offered for the service was not qualified to offer what was required. They make us see that, due to this, the service will be tendered again. The consolation that remains is to think that, since President Andrés Manuel López Obrador does not use and has never used the airport that he himself ordered to be built, there is no risk that there will be a pothole that could delay a flight in which he travels, as it happened a few months ago at the Mexico City Airport (AICM).

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“Political Fronts” in Excelsior

1.Bang. The senator Jaime Bonilla Valdezformer governor of Baja California, attended an informative meeting in Ensenada with the PT Gerardo Fernandez Norona, who wants to be a candidate for the alliance with Morena and Verde Ecologista for the Presidency of the Republic. believe Bonilla that no one is going to notice that joining Unidos con Noroña is too convenient for them. Weeks ago it was confirmed that James He would return to the PT, where he was a federal deputy, once they no longer want him in Morena at the state or federal level. This is the first public participation he has made since he left the governorship and it did not go well for him, as the party leaders closed the door on him. The politically toxic, like the sun: the farther, the better.

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