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The actor Leslie Jordan, mythical secondary and recurring character on television, He has died at 67 in a car accident. According to has informed According to Los Angeles police, the incident took place on Monday, October 24, at around 9:45 a.m., when Jordan crashed the car he was driving into a wall between Cahuenga Boulevard and Romaine Street. He was declared dead on the spot by the forensic team, and pending the autopsy, it is considered that he suffered a medical emergency.

Jordan was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1955 and made his southern accent his hallmark. In 1982 he moved to Los Angeles, where his problems with alcohol and drugs began. As he himself told the Wendy Williams show, in 2010 he had already been sober for 13 years, but before that and in one of the many times he was arrested, He came to share a cell with Robert Downey Jr. Later both actors coincided in a filming of ‘Ally McBeal’ and Downey could not remember how they knew each other.

In 1986 he began his career on television with roles in several series: ‘The Fall Guy’, ‘The Sorcerer’, ‘Courthouse’, ‘Murphy Brown’… But the good thing came in the 90s. He appeared in the movies ‘Crazy Ski Patrol’, ‘Friday the 13th: The End. Jason goes to hell’ or ‘Goodbye Lover’, and in series, already with more important roles, such as ‘Pee-wee’s Playhouse’, ‘To the senator, never mind’, ‘Bodies of Evidence’, ‘Reasonable doubts’ and ‘ The People Next Door’. However, fame would come a little later, in 2001, when she became Beverley Leslie, the only person capable of rivaling Karen Walker (Megan Mullally) in ‘Will and Grace’. This was the most characteristic role of his career and he played it until the end of the series in 2006 and picked it up for the 2017 reboot.

In addition to ‘Will and Grace’, Jordan will also be remembered for participating in several seasons of ‘American Horror Story’ (between 2013 and 2019) or as Sid in the series ‘The Cool Kids’ and Phil in ‘Call Me Kat’. The latter, starring Mayim Bialik, has paused production. Jordan had to appear in all the episodes of this season, of which he has only filmed 9 and 5 have already been broadcast. In a statement to The Hollywood Reporterfrom Fox Entertainment and Warner Bros. have been shown “devastated by the tragic and sudden loss of our dear friend” and in another writing from 20th Television and FX acknowledge “The incomparable footprint that Leslie Jordan has left in the industry, the LGTBIQ + community and the hearts of everyone lucky enough to have worked with this incredibly kind, funny and immensely talented soul.” Jordan was gay and never hid it and when the AIDS crisis hit, he became involved in HIV prevention and care projects. sick.

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In cinema, it should also be noted that he appeared in ‘The United States against Billie Holiday’, ‘Maids and Ladies’, ‘A Dog with Luck’ and ‘Mangus!’. But of course, with tremendous talent, he was also no stranger to the stage, where, in addition to being a theater actor, he was a playwright. He wrote and starred in the autobiographical play ‘Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel’ which was later made into a film by Julia Jay Pierrepont III, as well as ‘Like a Dog on Linoleum’ and ‘Hysterical Blindness and Other Southern Tragedies That Have Plagued My Life Thus Far’ .

“There will be no one like him”

His Instagram account has posted a photo with the following caption: “The light and love that Leslie projected will never go out and we invite you to share your memories about him and support each other at this time. In the coming days we will be giving details of projects that Leslie was very proud of and wanted to share with the world.”

Colleagues such as Aaron Paul, Selma Blair, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Don Johnson, Kate Hudson or Matt Bomer have commented on the publication. The ‘Breaking Bad’ actor wrote: “You wonderful man, no… My heart aches with this shocking news. You were the brightest light I have ever been blessed with. Thank you for shining your light for the world to see in its purest form. Rest in peace, special man”; and just below it reads Blair: “This is too sad. Oh, Leslie! I love you so much. So much. You are stardust and all the love we all cry for in the world. My own spirits rise when I think of you. And it always will. I can imagine that Millions of people are thanking heaven you existed here. You gave away your true self, but I want to feel a hug from you again. You held tight. You showed me what a great man can be. I love you. I hug your loved ones. We talk soon, at cocktail hour”.

Also on Twitter have shown their condolences Sean Hayes, Megan Mullally, Debra Messing and Eric McCormack from ‘Will and Grace’, in addition to many others such as RuPaul, Michael Rapaport or Mark Hamill. Also Paul Feig, George Takei, Kevin McHale…

“My heart is broken. Leslie Jordan was one of the funniest people I had the pleasure to work with. Everyone who ever knew him loved him. There will never be anyone like him. A unique talent with a huge heart and supportive. We will miss you, my dear friend.”

“How can this be? Oh dear, dear Leslie, the whole world has gone dark. The joy and delight you have brought into my life has been a beautiful gift. I wish I had the words… Fly with the angels, my friend.” . And sing, sing, sing.”

“My heart is breaking. I really can’t believe it. Leslie Jordan was, without a doubt, one of the greats. People use that expression a lot, and I’m not sure it’s always applicable. There aren’t many people who are really good at something, but Leslie was perfectly funny, a comedic virtuoso. The timing of it, the delivery of it, all seemingly effortless. You can’t do better than that.

And what a kind, fun-loving, dear person. I was with him last month. The prestigious national book festival presented Leslie and her best-seller and asked me to come and interview him for the event. I prepared for it, but it was all completely unnecessary, of course, as I barely had to let it go and it went into a series of absolutely hilarious stories that kept the large audience hysterical for a full hour.

Offstage, he was so relaxed and happy, there with his best friend, Mike. He really seemed so happy. How brilliant it was that millions of people were able to discover the real Leslie and his love for life and his incomparable talent for storytelling on Instagram. He had so much to share and it meant so much to him to finally find a vehicle through which to share it. He was absolutely unique. One of a kind. Thanks to all his fans! He really loved you all and was genuinely grateful to you.

I’m so glad I got to spend some time with Leslie that day, before and after the event, just us, catching up. I felt such deep affection for him that day; he was so warm, present and loved. As we were leaving, I got a couple more hugs and told him I loved him, like always. So happy! What a gift! I love you Leslie, I miss you already. And one thing I’m sure of… there will never be another you.”

During the pandemic, Jordan reached 5.8 million followers Stay tuned for your hilarious videos.

“Shattered to learn of the loss of Leslie Jordan, the funniest, most flirtatious redneck I’ve ever met. The joy and laughter he brought to each of his #WillandGrace episodes was palpable. He’s gone some thirty years too soon. We love you, sweet man.”

“Rest in peace Leslie Jordan. Thank you for the countless laughs and for sharing your spirit with us.”

“Leslie a beautiful, funny and consistently good man. I had a wonderful experience working with him and he pissed me off every time I saw or talked to him. A unique and genuine guy.”

“From the first time I watched an episode of ‘Murphy Brown’ in 1989 it was hysterically funny. I’m so grateful for the 33 years of laughs this talent gave us. Thank you Leslie Jordan. RIP.”


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