'Pauta' turns 40 and celebrates it with the publication of three volumes edited by Mario Lavista

The National Coordination of Music and Opera will present the three most recent volumes of the magazine Pattern, edited by teacher Mario Lavista.

Patternfounded in January 1982 by Lavista, is a music theory and criticism magazine that, in the words of Luigi Amara, editor-in-chief of the publication, “has tried to dialogue with the other arts, fundamentally with literature and the visual arts. From the echoes and dissonances between these artistic disciplines, all the numbers have been elaborated, almost always in search of a balance, pointing towards a contrast and a secret dialogue, sometimes failed, other times amazing and unpredictable”.

40 years after its foundation, one of its characteristics is that the texts are written by musicians who not only express opinions from their experience, but also reflect in depth on their own discipline: instrumentalists, soloists, composers, orchestra conductors, all have had a place in this space where they have been able to show off their skills in the field of lyrics too.

In the same way, they have reflected in their pages texts by writers who, in the words of the teacher Mario Lavista, “have music as the indisputable center of discussion and knowledge of the world and of man”, writers who, to a greater or lesser extent, extent, have devoted themselves to musical themes and issues, such as Gerardo DenizLuis Ignacio Helguera John Vincent MeloJasmine Rincon, Eusebio Ruvalcaba and Anna Alonso.

According to Luigi Amara, in all cases it is “a passion for music that goes beyond the mere pleasure of the music lover and is resolved in literature: in stories and chronicles, record reviews, stamps of composers, aphorisms about the different instruments and, even encyclopedic essays, which do not lose sight of the aesthetic spell that every good text must produce”.

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This is why, within the framework of the 44th edition of the Manuel Enríquez International New Music Forum, a panel of experts will meet next Wednesday 26 at 6:00 p.m. in the living room Manuel M. Ponce of the Palace of Fine Arts to celebrate the 40th anniversary. They will be part of the meeting Anna Lara, renowned composer and cultural manager; Luigi Amara, writer and editor-in-chief of the magazine since 2003; John Arthur Brennanmusic critic and member of the Editorial Board of the magazine; Louis Jaime Cortezresearcher at Cenidim and member of the Editorial Board of the journal, and Sweet Huetcultural journalist specializing in music.

Later, on Friday 28, the magazine will be presented at the Oaxaca Book Fair by Luigi Amara, accompanied on this second occasion by Dora Vera, a Oaxacan composer, and José Julio Díaz Infante, INBAL’s national coordinator of Music and Opera.


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