At Least 15 Dead, 40 Injured in Islamic State Attack on Iran's Shi'ite Shrine

At least 15 dead and 40 wounded he left a attack armed perpetrated by the Islamic State against the Shia shrine located in the city of Shiraz, in southeastern Iran.

The head of Security, Political and Social Affairs of the governorate of Fars, Ismail Mohebipour, said that the event occurred while the faithful were performing their prayers.

Mohebipour said that the situation was already under control by the security authorities, who had managed arrest two of the three alleged perpetrators of the shooting.

Security sources consulted by the ISNA news agency said that the alleged perpetrators of the attack would be takfirisadjective used to designate the Muslims who accuse others of apostasy, thus denying the status of true believers to those with signs of faith different from their own.

This event occurs on a day when various cities in Iran have once again been the scene of numerous mobilizations against the government, precisely on the day that marks the 40th day of the death of young Kurdish Masha Amini in police custody.

Later, the Islamic State claimed responsibility the authorship of the attack, according to a statement on his Telegram channel. (Reuters and Europe Press)

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