Checo Pérez asks Latin Americans to make more sacrifices to enter F1 |  Video

The Mexican Sergio Perez declared this Wednesday that the Latin American youth who want to reach and stand out in the highest category of motorsport have to make a lot of effort and perform more sacrifices than the Europeans.

Czechwho made his F1 debut in 2011 with the team Sauberis the only Latin American currently competing in the highest category and the first Mexican to win the constructors’ championship. Perez Mendoza commented.

The evolution of motorsports on our continent is going well, but in the end we are still far behind Europe. We need the new generations to sacrifice themselves more, to start gaining experience from a very early age, to go to Europe to compete because ultimately motor racing is a European sport.

The Argentines Juan Manuel Fangio Y Charles ReutemannBrazilians Ayrton Senna, Emerson Fitipaldi Y Nelson Picketthe Colombian John Paul MontoyaIn addition to the Mexican Pedro and Ricardo Rodriguez They are the Latin American drivers who have stood out in F1.

Ayrton senna. World Champion in 1991.

the pilot of Red Bull Racinghe claimed.

There is very good talent in my country and throughout Latin America, but it is a sport where there are not many opportunities, everything will depend on how hard they fight for their dreams. I think we are living in the best era of motorsport because better and well-prepared drivers are arriving every time, that’s why we need the new generations to give everything.

The 32-year-old from Guadalajara, who will seek this Sunday to conquer the Big prize from Mexico, pointed out that he is willing to support the new generations of national pilots so that the place he leaves when he retires is not left empty.

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I am aware that the end is getting closer, but right now I feel very excited about my team. I am happy to support the next talent to open the doors for him, because it would be a shame that the day he is not here and there is no one else, everything we have built is lost.

Pato O’Ward Mexican driver of the IndyCar Series with McLaren.

Regarding your future, Checo clarified that he has two years left on his contract with Red Bulltime in which he wants the team to win the world championship to mark a new era in motorsport.

I have a contract with Red Bull for two more years, I am 100% dedicated to the team and my goal is for us to be champions for two more years. It would be incredible to be able to start an era of Red Bull, the team is very solid, but there is very strong competition.

The dutch Max Verstappenteammate of the Mexican, won his second consecutive title on October 9 after winning the Japanese Grand Prixlast week he took the United States Grand Prixand the team Red Bull won the constructors’ championship.

(With information from Reuters)

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