Rishi Sunak's 'magical' folder that changed color on a live broadcast |  Video

The new prime minister of England, Rishi Sunak arrived at Downing Street yesterday and brought with him several tricks up his sleeve.

way to present the first budget of 2022 for his government, Internet users realized that something was happening with the folder that the Prime Minister had in his hands and social networks do not stop talking about it.

In a live broadcast of Sky New Sunak is seen leaving the official residence with a red folder in the hand. Seconds later she passes behind a car and when she can see again the folder is now green.

Watch the video for yourself:

The incredible “color change” occurred as the newscaster reported how citizens had been promised a “green budget”, that will invest more money in the environment.

Multiple users of Twitter They shared the video asking for an explanation and providing their theories of what had happened. One user wrote: “Dear @SkyNews, can you explain this? Look at the folder! Crazy! Will we see magic like this from you in the #Budget2020? #coronavirus’.

References to Harry Potter and the Matrix were also made, making jokes about some kind of magic: “It’s some kind of mischief from the Ministry of Magic”, “Harry Potter must be close” or “This is a mistake of the Matrix!”.

Other people are convinced that it was a new version of “the golden dress”referring to the photo of the blue and black/white and gold dress that divided the world in 2015.

Another theory that could explain what you see in the video is that the settings on the video equipment of SkyNews have had a luminous imbalance of RGB colors which caused red to be captured as green.

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The Prime Minister has not yet commented on his supposed abilities to change the folder color.

Sunak, one of the richest politicians in Westminsterarrives in Downing Street with the need to make deep cuts in public spending to curb the fiscal crisis, in addition to dealing with the cost of living crisisto a winter of strikes and to the Russian war in Ukraine.

(With information from Regina Diez Gutiérrez)


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