Sansores takes alleged chats between 'Alito' Moreno and Monreal

The governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores, published a series of messages that the national president of the PRI, Alejandro Moreno, and the Morenoite senator, Ricardo Monreal, allegedly exchanged.

According to the governor (“I don’t know if they understand”) there is influence peddling in political conversations and deals, due to the role of legislators that both have: the PRI in the Chamber of Deputies and the Morenista in the Senate.

The conversations shown correspond to an animation with voice, generated by the government of Campeche.

They comment on an alleged official investigation that could be leaked to Reform either The universal. In addition, Monreal sent him messages that allegedly came from a “Santiago”.

Sansores described Alejandro Moreno as a “snake charmer”, who has a “very long beak” to have a “harem” of “little princesses” and politicians, including Monreal.

He says that he has 800 “packages” of information, which are being analyzed by a single person to prevent the information from being leaked.

in your program Jaguar Tuesday undertook attacks against the morenista senator:

-He called him a coward for voting abstention during the debate to deliver the National Guard to Sedena.

-He said that he has a ‘double game’, he walks with God and with the Devil

-Plays a dirty and perverse game against the movement.

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