Sunak returns Suella Braverman to the Ministry of the Interior and causes controversy

The new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, began his mandate with an initial controversy regarding the appointment of his cabinet, for which he reinstated as head of the Ministry of the Interior Suella Bravermandespite the fact that he had resigned from that same position a week before due to an alleged error in sending official information.

Braverman left Liz Truss’ cabinet on October 18, just two days before the head of government announced her own departure. The minister then attributed her resignation to a bureaucratic problem, but the statement included allusions to the political chaos that existed at the time.

Thus, he stressed the importance of accepting mistakes and moving away, without waiting for problems to be solved “by magic”, implying that the exit had a marked component of discomfort towards Truss’s management, something that Braverman has never come to recognize out loud.

With Sunak’s arrival in Downing Street, Braverman returned to Interior. “We will work hard to control our bordersmaintain security and keep the streets safe”, she declared in her first reaction, “honored” to recover the lost position.

Downing Street sources justify the decision to the BBC by virtue of the capabilities of Braverman and Sunak’s intention to put political criteria before when building your team. However, doubts about the integrity of the appointment were the subject of analysts this Wednesday, even before the first Council of Ministers.

Foreign Minister James Claverly emphasized that Braverman has “a very recent experience in the Ministry of the Interior” and wanted to stop any debate. According to Claverly, her partner has already turned the page “by saying that she made a mistake, apologizing for that mistake and resigning.”

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The opposition, however, began to unleash the political artillery against Braverman and, by extension, against Sunak. A Labor spokeswoman, Bridget Phillipson, suggested there may be a “dirty pact” between the two for which the prime minister had to somehow compensate the former minister.

Also in the Liberal Democratic ranks they consider that the return of Braverman calls into question the “integrity” promised by Sunak. The head of the Interior of this party, Alistair Carmichael, called for an independent investigation into the appointment, to determine if there were promises “behind closed doors” involved.

(With information from Europe Press)

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