The rainbow is complete!: Tamaulipas approves same-sex marriage |  Video

With 23 votes in favor, 12 against and one abstention, the Congress of Tamaulipas approved the equality marriage, which means that the Same-sex unions are now legal across the country.

The initiative was presented at the United Commissions for Gender Equity, Human Rights and Legislative Studies by PAN deputy Nancy Ruiz, who had previously presented it while he was part of Brunette.

During the session, activists and members of the LGBT+ community were present who flags of sexual diversity waved inside the Congress of Tamaulipas.

However, they were also religious groups to interrupt the session with songs, so the legislators had to move to another room to continue the discussion.

It was just during the afternoon of this Tuesday that equal marriage was approved in Guerreroso Tamaulipas was the only entity in which gay weddings were not yet approved.

It should be remembered that the Mexico City (CDMX) was a pioneer in same-sex marriage when it was then the Federal District (DF) and the Legislative Assembly recognized same-sex marriage by defining it as a “free union between two people” during 2009.

(With information from Christian Granados)

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