Excavations of the Jojuntla graves end;  families demand broadening of search

The Morelos Prosecutor’s Office gave completed the exhumation work in the graves of Jojutla, “without exhausting the perimeter of ground zero, despite the fact that there are indications of more bone remains,” denounced mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, and aunts of missing persons, after accusing said agency of “hindering the recovery of bodies and identification so that they can return to their families.

The foregoing occurred in the middle of a day of demonstrations carried out by members of groups of victims, among which the Search for Relatives Returning to Morelos Home, Victims and Victims of Morelos; as well as the Tetelcingo and Jojutla Morelos Collective, the National Brigade for the Search of Disappeared Persons, among others.

The objective of the mobilizations was to reject the unilateral determination of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) to end the diligence in the “Pedro Amaro” municipal pantheon based on a court order, a document to which the families have not had access.

On October 26, Alejandro Cornejo, special prosecutor for disappearances, said that work on the Jojutla graves had been completed by experts.no matter what the victims think.

“Expertly there is no finding and this stage is concluded, we agreed from the beginning that the guideline for the processing of space was going to be given by the findings,” he said.

When the families complained about the determination, made without consulting the families, the official limited himself to reversing that it was the families who unilaterally refused to enter ground zero.

This Wednesday, around 12:30 in the afternoon, they protested at the Victims Offering, located in the Government Palace, and offered a press conference in which they demanded the following:

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  1. That the intervention in the irregular grave of the “Pedro Amaro” Pantheon in Jojutla not be terminated due to the certainty of the families about the existence of skeletal remains pending exhumation within the current work site.
  2. That the intervention in the irregular grave of the “Pedro Amaro” Pantheon in Jojutla not be considered finished until the same depth that was worked in the 2017 grave is reached in the entire bottom of the grave worked by the Morelos Prosecutor’s Office to from October 17, 2022.
  3. That the intervention in the irregular grave of the Pedro Amaro Pantheon in Jojutla not be considered finished until a one-meter extension is made in the western profile of the grave worked in 2022 and two meters of the grave worked in 2017, as well as a extension of one meter in the northern profile of the pit worked in 2017. Both extensions with the depth of the pit worked in 2017. This extension must be done in layers of 15 centimeters, respecting the methodology that we have been told has been used until now .
  4. That the participation of the Archaeologist Ramiro Viveros Ardito of the National Search Commission be negotiated for assistance in the pending procedures, including assistance for the work of the Morelos State Prosecutor’s Office in excavation matters, in terms of methodology, depth and extension in the irregular grave inside the Pedro Amaro municipal pantheon in Jojutla, as well as for advising groups of relatives of disappeared persons. It is important to point out that the points listed above (from 1 to 3) should not be conditioned to the presence of the CNB anthropologist, this request should be made immediately and in parallel with the aforementioned actions to continue the excavation.
  5. We request that security elements continue to protect the pit and the belongings of the groups, such as tarpaulins and materials.
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Angélica Rodríguez Monroy, a member of the Regresando a Casa Morelos collective, stressed that they were never given a work plan and that they deliberately they are ignoring the request to know the court order and they refuse to dig four meters down.

Later, the families of the victims moved to the headquarters of the Morelos Congress where they protested at the main access and demanded a hearing with deputies.

After several hours waiting, the answer did not come.

Amalia Hernández, from the Tetelcingo and Jojutla Morelos Collective, managed to sneak into the compound.

While journalists questioned Alberto Sánchez, president of the Human Rights Commission of the Morelos Congress, who was only right in highlighting: “We are going to meet tomorrow with the Prosecutor’s Office”

Hernández highlighted “Not without the families, we want to be present at that meeting and for the prosecutor to explain to us why he has not attended us, there is no legal impediment for the prosecutor to visit us and listen to what we need.”

He added: “We need more days for this work to finish and the last body to be exhumed.”

At the end of the act a commission of women was admitted to Congress.

Later, through an official letter, the families were informed that a meeting is scheduled for this Friday with the prosecutor state Uriel Carmona in the offices of the Prosecutor’s Office located in Temixco.


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