Liga MX Final: Tuzos turn off with a rain of goals in Toluca |  Video

There are 90 minutes left, but the champion is defined.

Pachuca caresses the seventh title of its history, after thrashing 1-5 at Toluca in the first leg game corresponding to the Final of the 2022 Liga MX Opening Tournamentheld this Thursday at the Nemesio Diez Stadium, where the mexiquense fans did not stop encouraging their team, despite the resounding scoreline against.

The Tuzos They were a gale against the erratic scarlet defense and sentenced the match with four goals in the first 45 minutes, after the successes of Romario Ibarra, author of a doublet at 8 ‘and 36’, Gustavo Cabral at 13′ and Mauricio Andre Isais at 41′. In the complementary part, Nicholas Ibanezscoring champion of the tournament, extended Hidalgo’s lead to 53′.

The amount of honor for the Red Devils it reached the 78th minute thanks to Jordan Sierra. And in added time, leonardo fernandez wasted a penalty when saved by the goalkeeper Oscar Ustari.

Two approaches from Hidalgo They turned off the Mexiquense boiler and left the team stunned Ignatius Ambriz in just a quarter of an hour. At 8′, an exit at a speed of Oscar Ustari with Erick Sanchez ended up at the feet of Romario Ibarrawho burned the runner on the right, dragged his marker Claudio Baeza and as he went he took out a flash from the right crossed to the angle, impossible for Tiago Volpi. A real flag goal.

just two minutes later the right post saved Toluca of the second goal against; but, at 13 ‘, a left service to the pot was barely touched by Gustavo Cabralenough for leave Volpi without reaction in the background. Down 0-2 in less than 15 minutes they left the locals very confused.

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Forced to advance lines and risk in search of discount, Toluca had an unbeatable scoring opportunity at 25 ‘after a service Leo Fernandez on the left, but Camilo Samvezzoother times lethal against the rival frame, failed unbelievably to the despair of the scarlet fans.

And the soccer saying goes well, ‘those you don’t put…’. At 36′, Romario Ibarra capitalized on a rebound at the height of the scarlet crescent, as well as a rude blunder by Óscar OrtegaTo stay hand in hand with Volpi and sign the lapidary 0-3.

If the Ecuadorian’s display wasn’t enough, Tuzos sentenced the match and, possibly the Final, at 41′, when a corner kick from the right gave rise to the solid Headbutt by Mauricio André Isaischopped and stuck to the left post, to leave immobile Volpi. Five visitor approaches, four goals. A real party the painting under Toluqueño.

For the plugin, Ambriz ordered the admission of Fernando Navarro by Oscar Ortega, one of those responsible for the scarlet debacle in the first half, and Brayan Angulo by Camilo Sanvezzo, who wasted the clearest for the local.

But the Mexican strategist’s adjustments were of little or no use, because at 52′ a furious shot from Victor Guzman strutted the frame volpi. And one minute later, a rebound from the Brazilian goalkeeper, after a service from ibarra, fell at the feet of Paulino of the Source, who did not control the ball, but left it served to Nicholas Ibanez who ordered it to be kept.

If the goal option that he wasted was unforgivable Sanvezzothe one that ate Fernando Navarro at 55 ‘, it was the same or even worse. The ball reached the Mexican side at the second post and in front of the open frame, but his header was so flawed that the ball escaped to the side.

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The local response was presented at 78 ‘, when Leo Fernández drilled into the Hidalgo defensein a display of self-love, and enabled the newly admitted JordanSierra, who defined with a low and crossed shot, out of Ustari’s reach. Goal of honor for the Scarlets.

Toluca the marker could have done something more decorous when it fell Daniel Alvarez in the area and the referee Marco Antonio Ortiz award the maximum penalty at 90 + 5 ‘; but, Leo Fernandez charged to the center and half height, and Ustari saved the shot. The cherry on the cake for the Tuzos, as well as the summary of how disastrous the night was for the Red Devils.

Toluca needs more than a miracle to change history this Sunday in the hidalgo stadium, where the squad led by William Almada gets ready to do the Olympic lap before his people.

Final / First Leg
Opening Tournament 2022
Toluca 1-5 Pachuca
Stadium: Nemesio Diez
Referee: Marco Antonio Ortiz
0-1 (8′).- Romario Ibarra
0-2 (13′).- Gustavo Cabral
0-3 (36′).- Romario Ibarra
0-4 (41′).- Mauricio André Isais
0-5 (53′).- Nicolás Ibáñez
1-5 (78′).- Jordan Sierra

Tiago Volpi
Valber Huerta
Oscar Ortega
(Fernando Navarro, 45′)
Carlos Guzman
(Isaiah Violante, 74′)
Andres Mosquera (Yellow, 12′)
Marcel Ruiz (Yellow, 90+1′)
Claudio Baeza (Yellow, 68′)
Jean Meneses
(Jordan Sierra, 74′)
leonardo fernandez
Carlos Gonzalez
(Daniel Alvarez, 53′)
Camilo Sanvezzo
(Brayan Angulo, 45 ‘)
DT: Ignacio Ambriz

Oscar Ustari
Oscar Murillo
Gustavo Cabral
mauritius isais
Kevin Alvarez
Victor Guzman
(Israel Luna, 63′)
Erick Sanchez
Luis Chavez
Nicholas Ibanez
(Illian Hernandez, 73′)
Romario Ibarra
(Aviles Hurtado, 58′)
Paulino De La Fuente (Yellow, 2′)
(Javier Eduardo López, 58′)
DT: Guillermo Almada

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