CNDH asks to transform the INE;  accuses him of sabotaging the 'will of the people'

The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) issued a recommendation through which it urges the legislators of the Republic to approve a reform in electoral matters that, among other objectives, transform the National Electoral Institute (INE).

Through a statement published this Sunday, the Commission compared the actions of the INE with that of the former Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) and the former Federal Election Commission (CFE), qualifying them all as “autonomous bodies in name only, partial instruments, of sabotage of the will of the peoplewhich have only served to maintain vices that for years, if not for centuries, have stained our electoral processes”.

The recent publication of General Recommendation 46/2022 was also announced, in which they ask the Congress of the Union “to make the modifications that guarantee the full right to democracy of the Mexican people, in the sense of strengthening our democracy formal”.

The Commission recommended to legislators that the new electoral body is “truly autonomous from any power, constituted or factual, legal or supralegal, that ensures the transparency of the electoral process and the effective counting of votes, with full certainty for the citizenry, that completely eliminates government control and the prevalence of partisan interests”.

He also asked them to collect “current citizen expectations, and build a reform that provides certainty about the organization of electionson the impartiality of the body in charge of counting the votes and on the designation of its members, in an unsuspected manner of partisan or factional interests.”

In its statement, the CNDH also denounced that, in recent days, “it was the subject of disqualifying comments” by the head of the INE, Lorenzo Córdova, “as a pretext to argue the tenure of that institute.”

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“Faced with this, we make a call for responsibility and self-criticism, and so that instead of dirty wars honest discussion of the topic is encouraged electoral, beyond unspeakable interests and prejudices, which allows us to regain confidence in the institutionstransforming them, to the effect that they are what they have not been: real instruments at the service of the will and interests of the people”, he stressed.

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