'James and the Giant Peach'

Three short films and five feature films is all that Henry Selick has needed to win the hearts of the public and the almost constant ovations of the critics. It is what has the genius of an author with all the letters capable of injecting his particular talent in all kinds of stories, raising the (obvious) technical perfection that surrounds all his proposals of an element so coveted in the art of storytelling as it is the soul.

Best movie characters of Henry Selick

1 Jack Skellington
Jack Skellington

Become an absolute classic over time, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, one of the most gloomy, beautiful and original stories ever written, continues to be a cinematic experience full of rewards for millions of viewers who continue to fall for the networks of its excellent soundtrack, its overwhelming imagination and, above all, its set of unforgettable creatures where it stands out, of course, Jack Skellington, one of the characters in the history of cinema in general and stop-motion in particular. Not a doubt, he is still the king.

Nightmare Before Christmas at eCartelera

two sally

Just because of her beautiful musical number, her presence in this special would be fully justified, but Sally is one of those characters who, from her first appearance, captivate you and you know that she will always be with you. Pure light, pure charm, pure magic. Without her, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ would be a clearly inferior film.

Nightmare Before Christmas at eCartelera

4 moongirl

Released in 2005, ‘Moongirl’ is Henry Selick’s most inspired and beautiful short film to date. A wonder that falls in love in its eight minutes and presents a character as fabulous as Moongirl, creation full of inspiration that captivates with each of its gestures. A beautiful creation for an even more beautiful (and brief) story.

5 Wyborn Lovat
Wyborn Lovat

An example of the perfect secondary, Wyborn Lovat and his charming shyness are another of the multiple successes that we can find in ‘The Worlds of Coraline’. Maybe he would have deserved more screen time, but that makes each and every one of his appearances have an even more special value and magic.

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6 Spider

Choosing a character from the magnificent ‘James and the Giant Peach’ is especially complicated, considering that we are talking about a film full of creations destined to remain in our memories. Nevertheless, Spider is such a magnetic, fascinating and hypnotic presence that it is impossible not to highlight her within the group. If the film had been more successful at the box office, something that would have been quite fair, do not doubt that we would see it as the image of a multitude of merchandising products.

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7 monkeybone

Despite being, by far, the least successful work of Henry Selick’s professional career, and his most resounding commercial failure, there are some more than salvageable elements in ‘Monkeybone’. And the first of them is, precisely, the character that gives the film its title. A technical virguería capable of stealing each and every one of the scenes in which he makes an appearance. In fact, it’s so good that it almost saved the movie. Almost.

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8 Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty

Although the makeup does not admit possible defense, Rose McGowan managed with her Miss Kitty provide a very special (and necessary) light in ‘Monkeybone’. Her performance, as committed as it is charming, is one of the strengths of a proposal that finds in the actress one of its most radiant lifeboats.

9 Coraline Jones
Coraline Jones

Henry Selick premiered in the beloved production company Laika in a big way. After a first masterpiece of stop-motion, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, the filmmaker achieved a second consecutive triumph, a masterful one with ‘The Worlds of Coraline’, an unforgettable adaptation of the novel by another genius, Neil Gaiman, capable of combining perfection the personalities and universes of director and writer.

A proposal that used the stop-motion technique to achieve the exact plasticity of nightmares, the most disturbing and gloomy side of the mind of a girl who simply seeks to find her place in life. A film too close to terror for the box office to surrender to it, a fact that had as a direct consequence its automatic conversion into a cult jewel. And the elevation of its protagonist, Coraline Jones, to absolute icon of the genre.

The worlds of Coraline in eCartelera

10 the other mother

Although the parentheses between each of his projects are longer than desired, each new release of a Selick film is received with the same dose of enthusiasm and nerves as expectations, something fully justified based on the set of wonders that make up his professional career. The best? The few, very few times that disappointment makes an appearance once the long-awaited reunion has taken place.

Responsible for a series of delicious short films, two masterpieces as incontestable as ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ and ‘The Worlds of Coraline’ and the remarkable ‘James and the Giant Peach’, Selick now returns with ‘Wendell and Wild’, perfect excuse to celebrate his career through its most memorable characters.


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