Colin Farrell in 'The Batman' and Cristin Milioti

Next February of next year the filming of ‘The Penguin’ (‘El Penguin’), a spin-off series of ‘The Batman’ would start who recently found his director. Craig Zobel, a filmmaker who has directed several episodes of ‘American Gods’, ‘The Leftovers’ or more recently, ‘Mare of Easttown’; will be in charge of putting himself behind the cameras of a series that now also has a new signing.

As stated Variety, Cristin Milioti, actress known for her roles in ‘Palm Springs’ or ‘Modern Love’, has just joined the cast of the television fiction headed by Colin Farrell. Farrell, who repeats in the skin of Penguin after embodying this role in the film starring Robert Pattinson; will be accompanied by Milioti who will take on the role of Sofia Falcone, daughter of Carmine Falcone. Gotham’s mob boss, played by John Turturro in the Matt Reeves film, had The Penguin as his right-hand man, so it makes sense that we’re going to see the Falcones on the small screen as well.

Thus the DC Universe continues to expand, this time at the hands of HBO Max, which has not yet wanted to reveal any details of the plot. Nonetheless, everything indicates that at least the setting would be clear, with ‘The Penguin’ starting immediately after the end of ‘The Batman’.

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‘The Penguin’, a series led by Lauren LeFranc as showrunner, executive producer and screenwriter, is not the only spin-off of ‘The Batman’ that is cooked for the aforementioned streaming platform. A series about the Arkham asylum, home of mythical Batman villains, is also being prepared. such as Joker, Harley Quinn, Dos Caras or Poison Ivy. Antonio Campos (‘The Sinner’) would be in charge of writing this proposal, after which we would see a series about the Gotham police.

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