US uncovers problems with Mexico over energy;  PRD would launch presidential candidates and more |  Political Columns 07/20/2022

“Transcended, in Millennium

That the president of the Chamber of Deputies and presidential candidate for the PAN, Santiago Creel, took advantage of his visit to Nuevo León to have lunch with Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas, mayor of Monterrey identified as a likely candidate of the Citizen Movement for the 2024 succession, and it was learned that After lunch they talked about the political and electoral scenarios. By the way, the PAN announced a tour of the entire country in defense of the INE before the electoral reform with which it is intended to extinguish it.

“Major Temple” in Reforma

IT IS NOT to break the illusions of John Kerrybut it seems that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador he saw her face again. And it is that the US ambassador for climate change claims to have reached an agreement with the Mexican president, who will announce it in these days.

HOWEVER, whatever López Obrador told Kerry is far, far from the truth. And it is that the president of Mexico he is not interested in, nor does he understand, and much less is he concerned about climate change. More than once he has said that these are inventions of the neoliberals.

“Under Reserve” in El Universal

Since Tuesday night, the survey by the National Electoral Institute (INE), which reports that 93% of respondents support the proposal to allocate fewer public resources to political parties; 87% support reducing the number of deputies and senators to federal ones; 78% support that the electoral councilors and magistrates be elected by the direct vote of the citizens; and 74% consider that resources to the INE should be cut, began to circulate in the media and raise controversy, since these results support several of the points raised by the president in his electoral reform that, according to the institute itself, and the opposition, seeks to disappear to this institution. And what did the INE do when it saw that the results of this study grew like a nine ball? Disqualify, in the voice of counselor Jaime Rivera, the survey. That the sample was very small, he said; that it was by telephone, he added; that the questions were ill-posed, he argued. But the case, they make us see, is that, throughout the morning, and a good part of the afternoon, the INE was dead. It was until around five in the afternoon that the president of the INE, Lorenzo Córdova, came out with a typical political explanation, in a few words he said that it is a survey carried out two months ago and that it is normal that the perception may vary, that is to say, the famous argument: it is the photograph of the moment. The question is, where will the perception of the population change now that President López Obrador, Morena and his allies use the INE’s own data to pay for their disappearance? They put the debate on the ground where the President is a teacher, on the ground of “what the people want”.

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“Political Fronts” in Excelsior

1. the underdog. As a sign of the transformation, the deputy Gerardo Fernandez Norona he doesn’t even remember when he refused to pay 50 cents in tax for a juice; now a controversy arose because he was caught buying in a gourmet store. Women rebuked him for his double talk and he, who is seeking the presidential candidacy, jumped on them: “I came to the City Market in Cuernavaca, but they are more classist than in Polanco,” said the symbol of the caviar left, who distanced himself from his “comrade President” and clarified that he has never spoken of Franciscan poverty. The politician described them as fakers, ridiculous and self-conscious. He can hardly be seen criticizing capitalism from his million-peso truck. Wow, the 4T transforms morale. See it.

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