Expenditure on security grows, but homicides do not yield;  Go from manager to owner of SEP and more |  National headlines 08/16/2022

These are the outstanding news of this Thursday, November 03, 2022 in the main newspapers of national circulation:

They want with reform, only plurinominals!

They propose to go from 5 to 32 lists of party candidates

INE hid poll that favors electoral reform

78% support electing councilors and magistrates by popular vote

Tunden the INE for a survey on electoral reform

Morena and former councilors believe that he shot himself in the foot, showing that the population is in favor; the opposition says it will continue to defend the institute

With its own electronic ballot box, the INE advances to digital voting

Elections. The institute is developing a project of parts that are lighter and cheaper than those on the market with the idea of ​​using 350 in 2023, say councilors Carla Humphrey and Dania Ravel

The INE stumbles with its own survey

AFTER that in September 78% of the citizens supported electing the councilors by vote, as proposed by the Executive, Lorenzo Córdova said that this perception would have already changed

Fed raises rate; weighs loosening rate of hikes

POWELL. It is still required to maintain the restrictive posture for a while’

Fed continues in hawkish plan with rate hike and pecks at Wall Street

It reaches its highest level since 2007 and they foresee another rise


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