Unthinkable, stopping violence in Mexico without reducing the flow of weapons from the US: Ebrard

The violence in mexico will not be reduced if neither decreases the flow of weapons from the US and that end up in the hands of drug traffickers, warned the foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard.

At the opening of the international conference “The business of lethality: arms trafficking to Mexico”at the Colegio de México, the holder of the Secretary of Foreign Relations reported that in the meetings he has held with US authorities has exposed the need for curb illegal arms trafficking to Mexico.

If we do not reduce that flow, it is unthinkable to reduce that violence

Marcelo Ebrard explained that as part of the investigations to present Mexico’s lawsuits against arms manufacturers in the US detected through the Attorney General of the Republic that 55 thousand 996 weapons seized in Mexico between January 1, 2020 and September 22, 2022 they came from the USmainly from counties of Arizona and Texas.

“What we have done now in Washington is to approve our common action plan and set the metrics. On the Mexican side, what we have put on the table is for Mexico the essential control of arms trafficking to our country. They are essentially concerned about the chemical precursors that pass through our country and the manufacture of fentanyl,” he said.

Marcelo Ebrard stated that so far this century, The US has not taken strong action on arms trafficking controlfor which he considered that the legal resources filed by the Mexican government are fundamental and timely, since it is a strategic objective to guarantee security.

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In this regard, in one of the panels held at the international conference, academic Sergio Aguayo He highlighted the importance of the demands that the Mexican government has promoted.

“It is an unprecedented event, and not only unprecedented, but brave because it means that the Mexican government is finally willing to take concrete measures to defend Mexican citizens who are killed with US weapons,” he said.


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