World Series 2022: Astros cling to life to return home up 3-2 |  Video

Houston Astros they turned the 2022 World Series after defeating 3-2 Phillies in the Citizens Bank Park of Philadelphia and now they meet up 3-2 ahead of his return to Minute Made Park for the closing of the Fall Classic.

The game started with the stars making it clear that his offense is no joke, since after good batting, Jeremy Peña hit a single shot What do I take to Jose Altuve to the register and put the visitors on the board early in the first inning.

Nevertheless Philadelphia would not be so easily intimidated, since on the low side, Kyle Schwarber he was again a figure for those from Pennsylvania and connected a lone home run what did he say tie theirs in their last home game.

The game remained tied until the end. top of fourth inning where Jeremy Pena reconnected through the sidereals and hit sendo fly fences to put the Astros back on top.

With the 2-1 lead and all the pressure on the hosts, houston was able to hold off the Fighting Phillies, but after their 6-5 comeback in Game 1, the Astros knew the more points they put between them, the more certain victory would be.

It was not until the eighth inning that jordan alvarez specifically the mission for those from Texas, since with Peña and Altuve on base, he hit a chopped tablazo which was enough to send I hailed the register and increase the lead to two runs with only innings and a half left.

Nevertheless, Jean Segura and the Phillies responded, and with a Nick Castellanos dirty run to home plate, he brought his team just one RBI away. Despite having men on base, the batters of the Phillies couldn’t beat the defensesending the game to the ninth and final inning.

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The locals were able to stop the Astros, but the feat was not yet complete, and with one run to tie, two to win, JT Realmuto took the plator with an out in the account. Realmuto connected two tablazo that seemed at least a doublebut in what was possibly the Fall Classic play at the time, Chas McCormick miraculously got the ball and called the second out.

Nick Castellanoswith Bryce Harper first, he was not able to achieve the miracle and his team fell by a definitive 3-2 that the series will return to Houston for Game 6, and if necessary, Game 7.

Astros and Phillies they will meet again next Saturday, November 5 from Minute Maid Park where the locals they could crown themselves with victorywhile Philadelphia will search force the seventh and final meeting.

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