Every Millie Bobby Brown Movie & Show Releasing After Enola Holmes 2

Now that Millie Bobby Brown’s Enola Holmes 2 has been released on Netflix, it’s time to look ahead to her future projects. The Sherlock Holmes spin-off has been potentially the most important project for Millie Bobby Brown to date as she has worked alongside huge stars like Henry Cavill and taken on the role of producer for this sequel. Having gained prominence for her portrayal of Eleven in Netflix’s stranger thingsBrown is proving herself to be a versatile actor keen to branch out and try her hand at new roles.


Millie Bobby Brown is also not short of more work as she has been announced to be taking a significant role in no less than four upcoming projects with the possibility of others not yet made public. Along with finishing out the final season of the hit show stranger thingsBrown is set to add further acting credits to her name alongside incredibly talented actors such as Chris Pratt, Stanley Tucci, Angela Basset, and legendary directors, the Russo brothers.

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Damsel will see Millie Bobby Brown in the starring role of Princess Elodi, alongside her credit as an executive producer (via dead line). Plot details are scarce at present, but the story promises to break traditions as Princess Elodi expects to be married to a Prince Henry, only to find herself in danger of being sacrificed to a dragon. Oscar-nominated director, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo of 28 Weeks Later fame is helming the project and the film is in post-production with an expected 2023 release on Netflix.

The Electric State

Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo of Avengers: Endgame and Captain America: Civil War fame, this sci-fi adventure is an adaptation of a graphic novel by Simon Stålenhag. With robots, missing siblings, and what looks to be a promising space adventure, this is sure to be an entertaining watch and Brown’s first starring role in a theatrical release. With the star-studded cast including Chris Pratt, Stanley Tucci, Brian Cox, Billy Bob Thornton, Giancarlo Esposito, and Anthony Mackie, this will be another big step forward for Brown’s career. Currently in production, but no release date has been announced.

Stranger Things Season 5

stranger things certainly put Millie Bobby Brown in the spotlight, and now it approaches its final season. Brown plays the role of Eleven, a young girl with supernatural powers at the center of a small group of friends in the town of Hawkins. Together, the group has come face to face with world-destroying monsters from the Upside Down. stranger things season 5 promises to be an epic adventure as the group has all returned to their hometown and face their greatest threat yet, Vecna.

Set in the 1980s and created by the Duffer Brothers, the series has come to be a cultural phenomenon with the season 4 release shattering records and becoming the most-viewed English language program on Netflix at over 1.7 billion hours. That beats the next show on the list by over a billion hours (via Forbes). The final season is expected to begin filming sometime in 2023, but with no firm dates announced, it could be 2024 before the show’s conclusion is released on Netflix.

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The Girls I’ve Been

The Girls I’ve Been is another adaptation, this time from a novel by Tess Sharpe. Millie Bobby Brown will play Nora O’Malley, a con artist who wears a number of faces in order to catch out male criminals. Nora is raised by her con mother de ella learning the tricks of the trade, but in a striking reversal of the plot from the original Enola Holmes, she runs out on her mother. After finding her mother de ella has strayed from her own teachings and failed for her mark de ella, Nora abandons her mother to chart her own course and live independently.

It is unclear how closely the film will stick to the source material, but more news on the story, cast and crew is sure to be released in the coming months. Brown is again taking on the role of producer alongside Jason Bateman, who played Michael Bluth in Arrested Developmentand Michael Costigan who has produced 2010s Robin Hood2012s Prometheus and 2017s Ghost in the Shell. The character in the novels is also written as bisexual, which could mean Brown will be playing her first LGBTQ+ role in this film if the adaptation wants to stay true to the YA novel it’s based on. It’s clear that Millie Bobby Brown have a bright future beyond Enola Holmes 2 as she continues to develop engaging stories onscreen.

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