AMLO revives Creel: 'I'm going to send you a dictionary so you know what oligarchy is'

After the deputy santiago creel stated that the country’s biggest oligarch he is the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorthe president replied that will send you a political dictionary to review the concept.

At his morning press conference, López Obrador spoke about the ideal types of government according to the Greek philosopher Aristotle and stated that in previous administrations an oligarchy really prevailed.

I am going to send Congressman Creel a dictionary on politics so that he can remember the form of government that Aristotle defined, so that he knows how to distinguish between democracy and oligarchy.

AMLO assured that previously an anti-democratic minority was the one that decided the future of the country.

President López Obrador said that the march called next November 13 It is basically a political struggle, because the opposition wants to continue using public resources for private benefit.

“Without a doubt, the oligarchy, which is what they want to keep here, a conservative and naturally anti-democratic oligarchy, is the government of the minority, as it was before. Did the people of Mexico care about the owners of power and money? They got badly used to stealing and commanding”, he pointed out.

“In the background it’s a political fight because they want the same corrupt regime to continue. What is in the background is that they want to continue stealing. They are in favor of a political system very similar to the oligarchy. Don’t do it, don’t cheat, don’t pretend. That’s the background.”

santiago creelpresident of the Board of Directors of San Lazaro, affirmed that the greatest oligarch in the country is the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorafter he pointed out that with his electoral reform he proposes to remove the National Electoral Institute from the ‘oligarchy’.

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Creel added: “What does oligarchy mean? The Government of the few and the elites. Who has the power in Mexico? He has it. President, you are the greatest oligarch in this country, you are the one with the most power of all powers”.

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