'The Gentlemen'

The new Netflix series will follow the story of ‘The Gentlemen: The Lords of the Mafia’, the 2019 film directed by Guy Ritchie. Made up of 8 chapters, the title will once again be directed by Ritchie, but will have a completely new cast of actors. Filming, which has just started in the UK, stars Theo James (‘The White Lotus’) as Eddie Halstead, a young heir to the world’s largest marijuana empire. As reported dead line, The series has now added Vinnie Jones (‘Lock & Stock’), Kaya Scodelario (‘Crawl’), Giancarlo Esposito (‘Better Call Saul’) to its cast.Daniel Ings (‘I Hate Suzie’), Joely Richardson (‘Lady Chatterley, the awakening of passion’) and Peter Serafinowicz (‘The Tick’).

Jones will team up with Ritchie again for the first time since ‘Snatch. Pigs and diamonds’, his success released in 2000. The 57-year-old British actor will play the farm’s gardener; Scodelario will do the same as Susie Glass, who oversees the drug business of Mickey Pearson, the character played by Matthew McConaughey in the original film; Ings will play Eddie’s older brother who owes a debt to dangerous people; and Richardson will play their mother.

Ritchie is leading the production and creation of the series, and is a co-writer and executive producer.. In addition, she will direct the first two chapters. Matthew Read, producer of ‘Peaky Blinders’, will be the other person in charge of writing ‘The Gentlemen’.

the original movie

The 2019 title is available to watch through the Prime Video platform. This crime thriller follows the life of Pearson, a British-style drug lord trying to sell his empire to a dynasty of billionaires from Oklahoma. The film had a brilliant cast made up of McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam (‘Sons of Anarchy’), Michelle Dockery (‘Downton Abbey’), Colin Farrell (‘The Batman’), Jeremy Strong (‘Successionn’), Henry Golding (‘Crazy Rich Asians’) and Hugh Grant (‘Love Actually’).

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