There is enough evidence in the feminicide of Ariadna Fernanda: AMLO

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that in the case of the young Ariadne Fernandawhose body was located on October 31 on the La Pera-Cuautla highway, in Tepoztlán, there is plenty of evidence that it was a femicide.

The mandatary coincided with the declarations of the Minister President of the Supreme Court of Justice of the NationArturo Zaldívar, who proposed that all violent deaths of women are investigated as femicides.

“I agree with him on this, and in the case of Morelos the investigation of this femicide is being carried out and there is enough evidence,” said President López Obrador.

The president reported that today the local Prosecutor’s Office and the head of Government of Mexico CityClaudia Sheinbaum, will give information about the case.

The capital government called a press conference at 1:00 p.m.

This morning, Rautel “N”one of the suspects in the femicide of Ariadne Fernandaturned himself in to the authorities in Monterrey, after his girlfriend was arrested over the weekend, Fernanda Diaz Lopezfor his alleged involvement in the crime.

Although initially the Morelos Prosecutor’s Office stated that the cause of death of Ariadna Fernanda was aspiration due to alcohol intoxicationthe Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office stated that the young woman died due to multiple traumasfor which he opened an investigation folder for femicide.

The capital prosecutor’s office also found security cameras in which Rautel was seen get Ariadna Fernanda into a truck, even though she initially claimed that the young woman had left her apartment on her own.

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On October 30, Ariadna Fernanda and some friends were chatting at the Fisher’s restaurant in the Roma neighborhood and later moved to the Rautel apartment, where luminol tests found blood stains, presumably from the murdered young woman.

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