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                      The Forqué will be held again in Madrid on December 17. The awards of the Spanish audiovisual industry will celebrate the gala of its 28th edition at the IFEMA Municipal Palace in Madrid, which will bring together the most outstanding productions of the year, on Christmas Eve, an act in which the awards season will kick off in our country .

                      This 28th edition will be special because of the memory of Verónica Forqué, a fundamental figure in Spanish cinematography who will be very present at the awards, since the same week in which the gala is celebrated is also the first anniversary of the death of the actress. The artist, daughter of the producer and first president of EGEDA José María Forqué, after whom these awards are named, was an emblem of acting in Spain, and she always had a special relationship with these awards.

                      The finalist works for the Spanish audiovisual industry awards have been announced at an event held at the Capitol Cinemas, presented by Yolanda Flores, which was attended by personalities such as Enrique Cherry, President of EGEDA, Martha Rivera de la Cruz Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Community of Madrid, Eduardo Fernandez Palomares, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Daniel Rodriguez Martinez, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Community of Madrid or Andrea Levi, Delegate for the Government Area of ​​Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Madrid City Council. Those in charge of revealing the finalist works were the actors Álvaro Rico, Amaia Salamanca, Eduardo Noriega and Macarena García and the director, Luc Knowles. Below you can see how all the categories are.

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                      List of all the nominees for the Forqué 2021

                      Best Fiction and Animation Feature Film

                      • ‘Alcarràs’, Carla Simon
                      • ‘As Bestas’, Rodrigo Sorogoyen
                      • ‘Five little wolves’, Alauda Ruiz de Azúa
                      • ‘Model 77’, Alberto Rodriguez

                            Best Leading Actor

                            • Denis Menochet for ‘As Bestas’
                            • Luis Tosar for ‘In the margins’
                            • Miguel Herrán for ‘Model 77’
                            • Nacho Sánchez for ‘Manticore’

                                  Best leading actress

                                  • Anna Castillo for ‘Wild Sunflowers’
                                  • Laia Costa for ‘Five Little Wolves’
                                  • Laura Galan for ‘Little Pig’
                                  • Susi Sánchez for ‘Five Little Wolves’

                                        Best Documentary Feature

                                        • ‘To the women of Spain. Maria Lejarraga’, Laura Hojman
                                        • ‘Labordeta, a man without more’, Paula Labordeta and Gaizka Urresti
                                        • ‘REC, Terror without pause’, Diego López-Fernández
                                        • ‘Sorry about it’, Fernando León de Aranoa

                                              Best cinematographic short film

                                              • ‘Au pair’, David P. Sanudo
                                              • ‘Strings’, Estíbaliz Urresola
                                              • ‘Totem Wolf’, Veronica Echegui

                                                    Best Latin American Feature Film

                                                    • ‘Argentina, 1985’, Santiago Miter (Argentina)
                                                    • ‘Birthday boy’, Arturo Montenegro (Panama)
                                                    • ‘The punishment’, Matías Bize (Chile)
                                                    • ‘Utama’, Alejandro Loayza Grisi (Bolivia)

                                                          Film Award in Education and Values

                                                          • ‘Alcarràs’, Carla Simon
                                                          • ‘In the margins’, Juan Diego Botto
                                                          • ‘Five little wolves’, Alauda Ruiz de Azúa
                                                          • ‘The Rite of Spring’, Fernando Franco

                                                                Best fiction series

                                                                • ‘Blackout’
                                                                • ‘Stories to not sleep’
                                                                • ‘Unit’
                                                                • ‘rap’

                                                                      Best Series Actor

                                                                      • Javier Cámara for ‘Rapa’
                                                                      • Jesús Carroza for ‘Blackout’
                                                                      • Luis Callejo for ‘Blackout’
                                                                      • Luis Zahera for ‘Entrevías’

                                                                            Best Actress in a Series

                                                                            • Anna Castillo for ‘Easy’
                                                                            • Itziar Ituño for ‘Intimacy’
                                                                            • Monica Lopez for ‘Rapa’
                                                                            • Natalia de Molina for ‘Easy’
                                                                              blackout series

                                                                              Movistar +


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