Due to controversies between prosecutors, AMLO asks the FGR to attract the feminicide of Ariadna Fernanda

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador considered that the General Prosecutor of the Republic must attract the case of the feminicide of the young Ariadna Fernanda to clarify it as soon as possible.

In his morning press conference, the president explained that having different versions about the cause of death of the young woman between the prosecutors of Morelos and Mexico City, the best thing is that the FGR has the investigation folders.

As in this case it corresponds to the state prosecutor’s offices, my recommendation is that the matter be brought to the Attorney General’s Office with a Human Rights approach so that this is resolved as soon as possible.

“An investigation of what happened in this case has to be done to clarify why, if there was an autopsy, it was pointing out that the cause of death was another and that there were no blows. All that, and also the declaration, if there is a public declaration. When something like this happens, the Public Ministry does not usually make a statement, but if there was a statement, why the rush?

López Obrador supported the head of governmentClaudia Sheinbaum, who accused the Morelos prosecutor, Uriel Carmona Gándara, of trying to cover up the feminicide of Ariadna Fernanda, and also expressed his support for the governor of MorelosCuauhtemoc Blanco.

“There is going to be a thorough review of this case and I am proposing that justice be put above because then there are interests of political groups, there in the case of Morelos, everywhere,” he said.

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“Full support for Claudia and full support for the governor of Morelos, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, because everyone there knows that they have made her life impossible politically, many obstacles due to the interests of organized and white-collar crime.”

the body of Ariadne Fernanda was located last 31 October on the La Pera-Cuautla highway, in Tepoztlán, so the Morelos Prosecutor’s Office opened a research folder. According to expert evidencethe Morelos Prosecutor’s Office reported that the cause of death of Ariadna Fernanda was alcohol intoxication and bronchial aspiration.

However, the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office attracted the investigation and determined that Ariadna Fernanda’s body had bruisesso he investigates the case as a femicide.

“The attorney general of the state of Morelos is covering up and trying to cover up a femicide,” said the head of government, claudia sheinbaum.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Aristegui Livethe prosecutor of Morelos, Uriel Carmona Gándara, defended the autopsy carried out by the state authorities and affirmed that it has scientific support.

The Morelos Prosecutor’s Office declined the investigation of the feminicide of Ariadna Fernanda because the CDMX agency affirms that it occurred in the capital, said the state attorney general, Uriel Carmona Gándara.


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