Morelos Prosecutor's Office wanted to confiscate, without permission, security videos in the building where Ariadna Fernanda died: Sheinbaum

The head of the Government of Mexico City, claudia sheinbaum, failed the investigation of the Attorney General of Morelos in the case of the femicide of the young Ariadne Fernandafound dead in that state on last October 31.

At a press conference, the official from the capital affirmed that were it not for the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office, the young woman’s femicide would remain unpunishedfor which he called the deputies of the Morelos Congress to request that the case be reviewed.

For me this is a matter of substance and principles, it is not negotiable. I am convinced that if the FGJCDMX had not intervened, Ariadna’s femicide would have gone unpunished

“A dirty, cover-up investigation, they still don’t want to deliver the investigation folder, and the quality of the character,” he said

Sheinbaum reported that the Morelos Prosecutor’s Office notified today to the capital authorities will deliver the research folder of the Ariadna Fernanda case until next November 13which he questioned.

The head of the Government of Mexico City stressed that the investigation, securing of videos and autopsy of the corpse of Ariadna Fernanda was carried out in two daysyes, while the Morelos Prosecutor’s Office I arrived five days after the discovery of the body at the address of Campeche 175the last place where the young woman was seen alive, to try to seize videos from security cameras, albeit arbitrarily and without any collaboration.

“The Morelos Prosecutor’s Office today sends an official letter to the FGJCMDX to inform that it will deliver the folder until November 13. Why don’t you deliver it now? Why not yesterday? Why until November 13? What do you want to change?” questioned the head of government.

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Furthermore, he revealed that the last november 4when the FGJCDMX indicated that Ariadna Fernanda had died from various blows to her body and not of intoxication and bronchial aspiration as maintained by the Morelos Prosecutor’s Office, the head of that agency, Uriel Carmona Gandarahe sent to his CDMX counterpart, Ernestina Godoy, a message by cell phone. The message was a link that led to a porn pagehowever hours later he announced on Twitter that his phone had been hacked.

Sheinbaum indicated that Rautel “N”linked to the feminicide of Ariadna Fernanda, has business interests in Moreloswhere it has several registered businesses.

“That is why I am going to continue to touch on the subject, because as a woman, as a ruler, no prosecutor in our country should again blame a woman for her own death. And we don’t want there to be a cover-up of femicides because of more power ties, no matter how much money they have,” she said.

After President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s call for the Attorney General’s Office to attract the case, the head of the Government of Mexico City confirmed that the head of the FGJCMDX has already contacted Alejandro Gertz Manero.

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