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    We review the best and worst of ‘Black Panther’the Marvel adventure that conquered the box office again in 2018 and that, before the premiere of ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’returns to star in the Disney + catalog.

    As happened with hits like “Guardians of the Galaxy”, the company continued to achieve good results even with its characters less known by the general public, achieving some of the best superhero movies.

    We recall our analysis with the keys to the success of this African adventure and, incidentally, what we understood to be its possible setbacks.

    Good – The Queens of Wakanda

    Officially, T’Challa has become the monarch of the secretive and technological African nation of Wakanda, but when we leave the theater, we know that it is not him who has dominated in the film. We expected a lot of Lupita Nyong’o as Nakia (spy and romantic interest) and from Angela Bassett as Ramonda (queen consort and mother), but we did not know that Okoye and Shuri would become two of the most interesting and promising characters in the mighty Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    danai gurira Y Letitia Wright, the actresses who embody the powerful leader of the Dora Milaje and the technology-savvy infanta, monopolize all the attention in each of the scenes in which they appear. We can only hope that your presence in ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘ be something more than a simple cameo to take off our monkey until ‘Black Panther 2‘.

    Evil – T’Challa, supporting in his movie

    The only problem with the greatness of the four secondary women, and having hit the villains, is that the protagonist tends to become a mere plot excuse.

    T’Challa is there to make sense of everyone around him, including his own plot. Internal struggles aside, any character with whom he shares a scene ends up drawing our attention more than the poor protagonist.

    Marvel Studios

    Good – Grayscale

    The proliferation of superhero movies is forcing screenwriters, at least those most interested in the subject, to better outline the characters and take the matter really seriously. This is a business for crowded theaters and popcorn floors, but if simplicity is abused and the good guys really good and the bad guys really bad, you’ll end up selling fewer tickets. And popcorn.

    In ‘Black Panther‘ we have a hero who, after inheriting a kingdom from his beloved father, discovers that his father had some really dirty business under the rug and that the way he led his people was not exactly fair to the rest of the world. Despite realizing it, he decides not to change and, during part of the footage, the protagonist defends what he will end up destroying in the anti-war speech. Trump that we see after the first batch of title credits. The villain, for his part, is a victim of the system who will discover too late what he has become to pronounce the most emphatic phrase against slavery in modern cinema.

    Bad – stumbled

    So that you can tell us all this properly, and let us delve into the turbulent affairs of the palace, the director Ryan Coogler the argument is taken calmly, slowing down in many moments of the film.

    Both the flashbacks to Oakland in ’92 and the comings and goings to the land of the dead, as well as some talks between T’Challa and Nakia, could be a disadvantage for the most restless.

    Theatrical property, Art,

    Good – Africa, big time

    This is a big budget film that celebrates the colors, rhythms and multiple African ethnic groups within a superhero fiction. Wondering how the critics or the box office would have been if the protagonists were white is as absurd as it is wrong since, of course, the African identity is an intrinsic part of the film and it does so by taking advantage of all the good that this entails.

    The harmony of all its elements has left us with never-before-seen landscapes adorned with bright colors, impossible sunsets in a mysterious savannah and the most ad hoc soundtrack of the eighteen titles that, until now, make up the marvelite imaginary. Be careful, not only is the successful album by Kendrick Lamar full of great songs inspired by the character, but the brilliant original score of Ludwig Goranson that, as I did hans zimmer for ‘The Lion King‘ (Rob Minkoff, Roger Allers, 1994), has managed to soak up African rhythms that flood the environment and hook even the most clueless viewer.

    Bad – Cries

    There are those who are to give the turra. And this time we are not referring to those who still think that superhero movies do not deserve our attention, the poor have enough to put up with marketing campaigns.

    The problem on this occasion is all those who shout to the wind that this title does not respond to any other reason than the quotas, ignoring the final result, ignoring the response of the public and insisting on their twisted point of view until they fall into complex conspiracies that their goal is to destroy the white man.

    What are you going to do, if to enjoy movies like this we have to put up with bullshit like this, it will be a pleasure to see how they get angry while a lot of girls finally have a hard decision ahead of them: dress up as Shuri or Okoye.

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