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Series are not only about the shots, the actors or the story, a key part of them is the soundtrack. In every great film or series, the soundtrack is praised by the critics and the viewers. Soundtracks help create the perfect atmosphere and envelop the viewer in the story you are telling. 

But what are the best horror series soundtracks? Here we leave you a list with 8 soundtracks that surely are up to enter this list. 

The Haunting of Hill House

The first soundtrack on this list is for the legendary Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House. The soundtrack was created by Gregory Alan Isakov. What is curious about it is that the main song (If I go, I am going) does not make you feel scared but rather thoughtful. It is the song that closes the story of the Crain family. This soundtrack accompanies the scene when they are remembering all that this family has gone through when they move into the mansion. It is a soundtrack that shows how fear is not only in the adrenaline and the uneasiness, it is also in the tranquillity. 

American Horror Story

This series has managed to use music as the perfect companion for all the horror we see. We have been able to watch eight seasons that have been transformed in an extraordinary way. We are now waiting for a ninth season named ‘1984’ that has us in suspense as to whether it will be an Orwellian dystopia. Created by the man responsible for Glee, it is obvious that the songs that play are very well thought out before entering the script. In addition to this unexpected scene with music by Drake, in the AHS soundtrack you can find Portishead, Fiona Apple and Stevie Nicks.

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Music stars have also lent their voices to the series. The American Lady Gaga has been one of them with the song Bloody Mary. The singer, who started out a little over 15 years ago, is still going strong. Lady Gaga came to fame with her song “Poker Face”. It was so successful that some sectors such as the casino sector decided to use it in their games. Casino players will have heard it repeatedly and it does not matter which land-based or digital casino they access. The best online casinos in the UK, as well as in other countries, offer a wide variety of games that feature the singer’s song. All of them are safe and reliable so that users can enjoy themselves without any problems. On top of having a good time listening to the future queen of pop, there are bonuses to increase winnings and different payment methods for the games. Lady Gaga goes far beyond being involved in this sector but now the singer is also a performer.

Stranger Things

Another series that has gone viral is Stranger Things, one of the most popular horror series in recent years. One of the elements that does not go unnoticed in Stranger Things is the soundtrack. A soundtrack that puts you in the “upside down”, that changes the atmosphere of the series completely and gives you a hint that the action and terror begins. Furthermore, the creators of the Stranger Things soundtrack have no problem going back in time and including classics from 30 years ago, which mimic the timeline of the show’s story. 

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Bates Motel

The Bates Motel soundtrack also has to be on this list. An incredible pack of songs that make a perfect homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s film. Not only is the soundtrack an homage, all five seasons have elements that show this intention, too. The climax of each episode is undoubtedly the finale, a montage that is accompanied by a soundtrack that sends a shiver down your spine. 

Buffy, The Vampire Slayer

Finally, in the list of best soundtracks of series enters a mythical series: Buffy The Vampire Slayer. A series criticised for being a story for teenagers. However, it has aged like fine wine because it is one of the most original. The music was one of its strong points, it created a trend and its soundtrack was heard on all channels such as MTV.

There are many other horror series soundtracks that could also make the list. In the end, a soundtrack that gets you into the story is undoubtedly one of the key elements of horror series and films. It can make your skin crawl and helps you feel like you are inside the story itself. 

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