Murdered Oaxacan singer participated in rap against femicides

Jazmín Zárate Aquino, a Oaxacan singer, was found dead last Monday, November 7, in the municipality of Valles Centrales in Oaxaca. Her body was abandoned in a place known as “La Barranca”. Initially, the remains were unidentified, but the next day the Relatives confirmed the identity of the young woman.

The victim’s body presented multiple stab wounds and was found the same day as his birthday.

Members of the collective “Organized Autonomous Women of Oaxaca” pointed out that the femicide of Jazmín adds to the more than 700 that have been registered in the six-year term that is about to end in charge of the PRI, Alejandro Murat.

Two months before his death, Jazmín Aquino participated in the rap song ‘Ella No Volído’, which protests against femicides in Mexico.

On the cover of the single by Ballin you can see the photos of various artists with the legend “Disappeared” and “Not one less”. Right on one of these billboards there is the image of Jasmine.

The voice of the young singer accompanies the phrase: “How to shout to God: you have abandoned me? why do you allow that?If it penetrates to the bone, it is heart, it is love, it is wing, respect to the universe”.

After the death of Jazmín Zárate, the rapper published on his social networks: “It seems like a put… joke in bad taste!

One of the girls I took on the cover of the song ‘She did not return’ died because of the same topic that is spoken in the song that participated

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Jasmine Aquino is survived by a minor daughter.

(With information from Brandon Celaya and Aristegui News)

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