New way of assaulting cyclists Beware!  |  Video

A video circulating on social networks shows a new way in which cyclists are attacked. A security camera recorded the moment when two people intentionally hit a cyclist so that he crashed into a wall and thus be able to steal the bicycle.

In the video of the event, which allegedly took place in Guadalajara, Jalisco, two men are seen crossing the street who, when they realize that a cyclist is approaching, speed up their pace and hit the person. As a consequence, the cyclist crashes hard into the wall becoming unconscious.

Subsequently, the two assailants rip the bicycle from his legs. Taking advantage of the fact that the cyclist is unconscious, they check his pockets and slowly leave the scene.


The attack happened on November 2 this year, according to the date of the camera itself that is observed in the video.

According to the Guadalajara media, the events took place on the Revolution road, located in the capital of Jalisco.

Check out this new attack type right here:

It is not the first time that Mexican cyclists feel threatened. In February 2021, a march was held in Mexico City where justice and security were demanded for the two-wheel community.

The population is recommended Be careful with this new form of attack.

(With information from Regina Diez Gutiérrez)

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