AMLO and SSPC launch themselves against a judge for amparo against the National Guard Law;  organizations come out to support her

The Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection and the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador attacked a Guanajuato judge who granted a definitive suspension against transfer of the National Guard to the Secretary of National Defense considering that he exceeded his powers.

In the Zero Impunity section of the morning conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Undersecretary of Security of the SSPC, Ricardo Mejia Berdejaaccused that on October 10, Judge Karla María Macías Lobera granted provisional suspension 1161/2022-VI without even doing an in-depth study.

The official said that with this action, the judge arrogated to herself powers that do not correspond to herbecause only the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation It can analyze the actions that have the purpose of raising the possible contradiction between a general rule and the Constitution.

It is considered that they are part of the actions that generate impunity in the country

Mejía Berdeja reported that the Secretary of National Defense filed the appeal 758/2022 and on October 19 the Second Collegiate Court in Administrative Matters of the Sixteenth Circuit He decided revoke the suspension of Judge Macías Lobera.

However, two days later it granted a definitive suspension to prevent the National Guard from being under Army control.

“This resolution, clearly unconstitutional, was already appealed again by the federal Executive because the judge exceeds and is generating suspensive effects on a decree of the Congress of the Union”, he said.

“Yes, we want to make it public domain because this type of resolution affects public safety and, furthermore, this judge is exceeding her powers.”

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In this regard, the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador criticized the role of judiciary Councilsince he stated that he uses the argument of the autonomy of judges to cover them up.

“What does the Judicial Council do? Because that is its function: to take care of the good behavior of judges, ”he questioned.

“The judge who grantsprotection so that the National Guard does not participate, in Guanajuato. Not only did they not vote in favor of the participation of the Army and the Navy and the National Guard, no, now granting amparos so that they do not act, and also without powers of the judge. Why are these judges being protected?”

The darts launched from the president’s gallery provoked reactions from human rights defenders and organizations, who came out to support the work of Judge Karla María Macías Lobera.

Karla Quintana, the National Search Commissioner of the Ministry of the Interior, affirmed that the judge is one of the best in the country, particularly in her defense of human rights.

Meanwhile, the Miguel Agustin Pro Juárez Human Rights Center lamented the federal government’s attack on the judges and supported the work of Macías Lobera.

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