They ask in the Oaxaca Congress for an exhaustive investigation into the femicide of the singer Jazmín Zárate

Deputies and deputies of the Legislative Power of Oaxaca pronounced themselves to ask the Attorney General of the State all the weight of the law for the femicide of the singer Jazmín Zárate Aquinofound on November 7 last.

That the investigation protocols of the femicide that occurred a few days ago be followed, and that the full weight of the law be applied, said the president of the Permanent Council, Nancy Natalia Benítez.

From this rostrum I demand that the state government and prosecutor Arturo Peimbert carry out each and every one of the legal proceedings to find Jazmín’s murderers and carry out an exhaustive, prompt and expeditious investigation so that the full weight of the law so that never again does any femicide in our state remain in the figures of impunity.

The morenista deputy accused of disinterest on the part of the state government and the Oaxaca Prosecutor’s Office, for following up on the punishment of femicides, allowing impunity and the number of cases to continue.

These news become more and more daily due to the fact that femicides move in a climate of impunity due to the little activity and interest of the state authorities and the State Attorney General’s Office.

The singer and businesswoman, Jazmín Zárate Aquino, was found on a highway in San Lorenzo Cacaotepec, where she went because she was hired to sing at an event.

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