Jennifer Aniston, 53, has posed with a micro bikini and has left us all speechless

    Jennifer Aniston just wore a Chanel micro bikini. I repeat, Jennifer Aniston just wore a Chanel micro bikini. It’s a phrase I never thought she’d write (let alone repeat), but here we are. And the photo, as expected, has made fans get their act together.

    Today, Allure has revealed its latest cover, in which Jen sports the tiniest bikini we’ve seen in years. So far, we’ve seen the micro bikini trend everywhere from Dua Lipa to Kim Kardashian, and now the actress from friends has joined the movement.

    “#JenniferAniston is not here to disguise or dance around her truth,” the magazine writes on Instagram. “For her fifth cover of Allurethe actress of The Morning Show and founder of LolaVie opens up on family conflicts, reveals her #IVF journey, and picks up the pieces of personal loss. But she’s come out stronger on the other side and doesn’t regret a thing, other than wishing she’d been nicer to a younger Jennifer.”

    I feel better than ever with who I am now, better than I felt in my 20s and 30s even, or in my 40s. We have to stop saying bad things to ourselves. One day you’re going to be 65 and you’re going to think, “I looked fucking good at 53.” (In the #linkinbio, Aniston explains why he calls this chapter of his life “Phoenix Rising”.

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    And if we’re speechless, his fans won’t even tell you. The comment section of the photograph is on fire overall 🔥🔥. Attention:



    WHAT A GODDESS!!! Ok I’m out of breath 😮💨😮💨❤️❤️.

    Yes to all this! 👏

    I love seeing women in their 50s celebrating the fullness of their lives, their beauty, and their bodies. Go ahead Jen, giving the leading energy we deserve!


    Is that how fast the internet breaks?

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