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mark tatumDeputy Commissioner of the NBAdeclared in an interview with Marc J Spears that, although the league is not looking for an expansion in the short term, if agreed with the other franchises, the Mexico City is one of the main options to have your own team in the league.

Next to the capital of the country, Seattle and Las Vegas are the two most feasible destinations for the 31st team in the NBA. Seattle He is a prospect after the departure of the super sonics in 2008 to become the Oklahoma City Thunderwhile vegas has been backed by players like LeBron James to have your own franchise.

However, the Mexico City is also positioned as a possible destination, this after the debut of the CDMX Captains on the NBA G-League from the Sand CMDX. In this regard, Tatum stated the following:

Expansion is not in our plans at this time, but at some point, if considered, Mexico City would certainly be one of the cities considered along with other large and important cities in North America.

About him transportation of players and staff to Mexico for matches, Tatum commented that this It would not be a problem as multiple franchises like the San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat and New Orleans Pelicans are just a short flight away.

Transport and facilities have always been a decisive factor. But there are world-class facilities at Mexico’s Arena Ciudad de México, which is where the league’s global games will be taking place. And now, it’s also the home of the G-League Captains, so that’s not a problem.

Have a NBA franchise outside the United States would not be a novelty either, since the Toronto Raptors They have become one of the most followed franchises in the entire league, being recognized not only as the team of the city, but of the entire country, a situation that could be replicated in Mexico, one of the most important markets for the league.

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Currently Mexico is already part of development program with the Captains of Mexico Citywhich is seen as a first step towards the implementation of a new NBA franchise in the country.

In addition, Mexico is no stranger to receiving the highest level of basketball, since they have carried out 30 games between preseason and regular season, the most recent to be played next December 17 when the San Antonio Spurs are measured before Miami Heat.

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