This was the cameo of Johnny Depp in Rihanna's 'Savage X Fenty' show

A week ago, Rihanna announced on Twitter that Johnny Depp would be her special guest at the fourth installment of her intimate fashion show, ‘Savage X Fenty’. The news was met with much criticism from the artist’s fans and even from some of the models, such as the musician Olly Alexander, who decided not to participate in the parade for this reason. The first episode of the show is now available on Prime Video and features the actor’s controversial cameo.

“New: Johnny Depp on The Fenty Show Volume 4”

The spotlights illuminate a Johnny Depp, leaning in the shadows next to a tree (there was no more beautiful trunk) and surrounded by a group of dancers who seem to praise him as a deity. With a determined step, Depp walks towards the camera, while Outkast’s song ‘So Fresh, So Clean’ plays in the background.. Her look is reminiscent of her campaign for Dior’s Sauvage cologne, but with longer hair it fits more with the recent images of her passing through the courts.

Halfway there, Depp smiles. After a small break in continuity where the dancers slip through the background, Depp looks up at the sky, where the spotlights illuminate him even more. Finally, she makes it back to the tree that started it all and leans back against it in an unexpected hug.. She already has it: Rihanna has gotten her 40 Seconds of Redemption.

What does the cameo mean?

Rihanna has placed Johnny Depp in a privileged position in her show: he is not just another model, but he is the first male guest to have a “solo”. Although we do not know the meaning of the metaphor behind Depp-hugs-trees, the inclusion of the actor is a total declaration of intentions on the part of the artist, who, being a victim of gender-based violence, decides to position herself in favor of Depp regarding the defamatory trial and media that continues to divide the population in the Amber-Depp case.

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