Bellini Restaurant apologizes for assault on security worker |  Video

After the video in which the alleged owner of the Bellini restaurant is seen attacking and humiliating went viral to a security worker, now the Bellini restaurant apologized.

Through a publication on social networks, the restaurant assured that what happened is not justifiable and will internally teach awareness courses for managers.

the restaurant too responded to comments on your Facebook post to commit to preventing an attack from happening again and that does not represent his work with 28 years of service.

Secondly, the restaurant limited its comments on Instagram posts and a Colombian local with a similar name asked to stop confusing his business with Mexican real estate.

It was this Wednesday when a video was released in which the entrepreneur is appreciated yelling and yelling at a security worker at the restaurant located in the World Trade Center (wtc) in Mexico City.

How do you want me to talk to you, son of a bitch? If a client comes, what do you say? You do a shit like this to me again and putazos, eh! Come on, bastard. talk to your boss

(With information from Christian Granados)

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