How many went to the March for the INE?  Government: 12 thousand;  Organizers: 500 thousand

At the end of the walk I defend the INEheld this Sunday in Mexico City, the numbers of participants reported by the Government of Mexico City and by the organizers are very different.

Through his social networks, the Secretary of Government of Mexico City, Marti Batresreported that between 10,000 and 12,000 people attended.

He noted that the capital authorities They followed up on the “mobilization today against the electoral reform” from the Monitoring Center. He also highlighted that a white balance was reported at the end of the event.

For his part, the National Civic Front, the organization that called for the mobilization this Sunday, presented a series of videos and photographs of the march, accompanied by the phrase: “Half a million for our future. Half a million for our country.”

The figure reported by Government of Mexico City is only 2.4% of the number handled by the organizers.

Guillermo Valdés Castellanos, former director of the Center for Investigation and National Security (Cisen) and current director of the consulting firm GEA, published on networks his methodology to calculate that they were approximately “640 thousand dealers”.

Between the roundabout of the Diana to the monument to the revolution there are 4 kilometers. Four thousand linear meters. The width of the Reforma lanes plus the sidewalks are around 40 meters.

If we multiply 4 thousand by 40 it is 160 thousand square meters. If we estimate four people per square meter we will have 640 thousand dealers.

Thousands of images of the march I defend the INE circulate on social networks, showing the scope of the call for support to the National Electoral Institute (INE) and in rejection of the electoral reform initiative proposed by President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador.

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Some aerial images of the Paseo de la Reforma, captured through drones, recorded the participation.

Photographs taken from the top of the buildings on the avenue show that the color pink, which distinguishes the INE, predominates among the participants in the mobilization.

Supporters of the initiative I defend the INE They began to gather at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday at the Angel of Independence, the epicenter of the parallel mobilization that is taking place in at least 25 cities in the country and in the United States.

At ground level, the photographs document the thousands of banners that reject the disappearance of the current autonomous electoral body, using the phrases popularized in recent days “I defend the INE” Y “The INE is not touched”.

In the videos you can hear the various slogans that prevailed in the Marchsuch as “No to the reformthe INE is not touched” and “We are not carried, we are citizens”, among many others.

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