Álvaro de Juana and Ana Bokesa in 'Elite'

‘Elite’ has never been afraid of controversy, but in the last season broadcast, the fifth, it got pretty messy with the plot starring Pol Granch, who played the European prince Phillippe, and the queen of Ibiza, Isadora, the character by Valentina Zenere. Isadora went from doubting the sexual assault accusations against Phillippe to being a rape victim herself by the end of the season. The debate was incendiary, but the Argentine, who returns in the sixth season of the Netflix series to continue this plot, was able to stay out of it all. In our interview, the actress states that she is happy with the end of the fifth season: “Honestly, I think it closed in a good way. ‘Elite’ is still fiction. We deal with issues that unfortunately occur in reality, but it is still a fiction. I think it was closed in a very cool way, which is that a woman who suffers rape went to testify, which is a very nice message. Many times we are afraid to tell about things that make us, from very small to very large. Nowadays there is a different perception and energy when talking about the subject, and we communicate more. But that in ‘Elite’, that so many girls see it, you see a scene like this seems very nice to me”.

The sixth season will show how Isadora gets on the other side and becomes the victim, defended by her friends and questioned by the students of Las Encinas: “I am very grateful for the opportunity they gave me to tell such a complicated subject. We have all worked very hard and tried to treat everything with the greatest possible respect. We were all very aligned at all times, both the actors and the producers and the technical team. I think that respect was vibrated on the set every time it was time to record any type of sequence. Emotionally I charged a lot, I feel responsible for being the voice and face of many. I tried to do it in the best way” be honest.

The new faces of the season

In addition to Zenere, we have also had the opportunity to speak with two of the new additions of the season: Álvaro de Juana and Ana Bokesa. He plays Dídac, from whom we can expect “search for justice, self-flagellation, because it is very demanding, and perhaps falling in love” in their own words. She is Rocío, who arrives at Las Encinas with leadership qualities: “We can expect justice from her, or search for it, truth, and know and discover herself” He says.

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The sixth season of ‘Elite’ premieres on Netflix November 18.


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