If on November 25 there is no consensus on electoral reform, Morena will apply plan B

The morenista deputy Hamlet García Almaguer warned this Monday that if there is no consensus opinion on electoral matters on November 25, his party will approve the proposals of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in commissions. no later than the first week of December.

In an interview with the media, the legislator warned the parliamentary fractions to “assume their responsibility” and revealed that they are already aware of Morena’s plans, Well, that’s how the coordinator of the Moreno deputies, Ignacio Mier Velazco, explained it to them.

“They have until November 25 so that we can go to a consensus opinion in commissions and if this does not happen, Morena is going to insist on the presidential initiative, above all, with the support of the citizens”, he assured, referring to the polls that show broad support for the presidential proposals on the matter.

The legislator explained that plan A is to approve a constitutional reform and modifications to the electoral laws, while plan B is only to make amendments to secondary legislation, which would only require a simple majority, which he does have in the icing game.

García Almaguer assured that a route similar to that of the electrical reform would be followed, when the opposition voted against a constitutional reform on the matter and the modifications were made through reforms to the secondary legislation.

“We would shortly present a proposal for secondary legislation that does not require any consensus with the opposition. The votes with our allies are enough for us to be able to go through a Plan B that would be this secondary reform”, he pointed.

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He announced that Morena’s advisers they are already studying how to carry out the electoral reform through secondary legislation, without this meaning going against the Constitution. In this type of reform, the structure of the National Electoral Institute (INE), its supervision, sanctions, electronic voting, affirmative actions and other proposals could be modified.

He warned that if Morena goes for plan B, the opposition would not have a say in the secondary reform. Also, his party could appoint three of the four INE councilors which will be renewed in 2023, following the current method.

Another consequence for the opposition will be go against an initiative that has broad social support.


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