NATO sees 'probable' that the incident in Poland was caused by Ukrainian air defenses

NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, He pointed out this Wednesday that preliminary investigations suggest that it is “probable” that the incident in Poland, with the death of two people due to the impact of missiles, it was triggered by Ukrainian air defenses.

“Preliminary analysis suggests that it is likely caused by a missile from the Ukrainian air defenses to defend the territory from a Russian attack.” He stated at a press conference after the emergency meeting of allied ambassadors called to examine the incident registered in Poland.

“There are no indications that it was the result of a deliberate attack and We have no indication that Russia is preparing offensive actions against NATO.” It has added Stoltenberg, who has insisted in any case that Moscow is ultimately responsible for the episode since it occurred in the midst of a wave of attacks against Ukrainian cities.

This same Wednesday, the president of Poland, Andrzej Duda, ruled out that the fall of the projectile on Polish soil on Tuesday was an intentional attack against the country and pointed out that there are indications that it was a defensive missile used by Ukraine.

In a press conference, the Polish president pointed out that “There are no indications that an intentional attack against Poland has taken place” and stressed that said launch “did not aim” at Polish territory. Thus, he has pointed out that “the fact that the projectile fell does not imply that it was an intentional act.”

After meeting with the Cabinet, Duda recalled that throughout Tuesday more than a hundred missiles of various types were launched into Ukraine. “This led to the border areas being bombed as well, such as Lviv and Volyn. Russian missiles have fallen on cities in that part of Ukraine, which has also defended itself with bombardments”, he asserted, according to information from the newspaper ‘Rzeczpospolita’.

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Thus, he pointed out that “the Russian side is the real culprit of everything that happened yesterday” and explained that the explosion occurred just six kilometers from the border with Ukraine. “Most likely it was a Russian-made shell, an S-300 from the 1970s,” he said.

In this sense, he explained that for now “there are no indications that the missile was launched from Russian territory”, but he has pointed out that “There are indications that it is a defense missile used, for example, by the Ukrainian forces.”

“There were Russian missiles going across the sky in different directions and probably some of them turned to the east before heading towards Polish territory. Ukraine’s defense systems have launched rockets in these directions yeIt is possible that one of them fell on Polish territory”, clarified after sources close to the matter have indicated that Warsaw plans to set aside the activation of article 4 of the NATO treaty while waiting for “more evidence” about what happened.

(With information from Europe Press)

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