surprise princess

    Disney will return to Genovia for a third part of ‘Princess by Surprise’. This was announced exclusively The Hollywood Reporter. It’s unclear if Anne Hathaway will reprise her role as royalty Mia Thermopolis, the one that brought her to fame (and before ‘The Devil Wears Prada’) in the new installment, which is being written by Aadrita Mukerji (‘Reacher’, ‘Supergirl’). Nevertheless, Hathaway recently expressed interest in returning, along with her grandmother on the big screen, Julie Andrews, who played the elegant queen Clarisse Renaldi, to the franchise that made her a star. “I would do more than carry it out, I would support it, yes,” Hathaway told Entertainment Tonight. “If there’s a way to get Julie Andrews involved, I think we’d make it work.”


    Andrews’ involvement in ‘The Princess Diaries 3’ is equally ambiguous. Plot details have not been confirmed.but the third part is expected to continue the story we met in the first film and the sequel released in 2004 instead of having a reboot.

    surprise princess

    Directed by the late Garry Marshall and based on Meg Cabot’s novel ‘The Princess Diaries’, and released in 2001, the story follows an awkward American teenager who learns that she is the heir to the throne of the European kingdom of Genovia. . Mandy Moore as mean girl Lana Thomas and Sandra Oh as Vice Principal Gupta also had memorable roles in the original film. Despite mixed reviews, the family film became a box office hit with $165 million at the worldwide box office. The second part was also directed by Marshall and introduced the world to actor Chris Pine, it was equally successful in theaters with 134 million worldwide.

    Given the enduring popularity of ‘The Princess Diaries’, rumors of a third installment have been circulating for some time. But this is Disney’s biggest attempt yet to transport audiences back to the real world of Genovia. In fact, in 2019, Hathaway herself already mentioned the team’s desire to return once again with the story of Mia and company.

    Debra Martin Chase, who produced the first two films, will once again be a producer on this third. Melissa Stack, the screenwriter behind comedies like ‘No hay dos sin tres’ or ‘Amadrinadas’, premiering in 2020 on Disney+, is the executive producer.

    As for Hathaway, ‘Armageddon time’ is now premiering in our country, directed by James Gray along with Anthony Hopkins and Jeremy Strong. In addition, the actress has several jobs planned for 2023.

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