Candle Media CEO Kevin Mayer Says Mark Zuckerberg Owning the Metaverse Is 'Absurd' (Podcast)

”Tech vs Media“ podcast: Max Child identifies Siri as ”over-promising and under-delivering“ the capabilities of voice control

Volley Co-Founder Max Child sees a vast future for voice control in the tech world, but says the industry “went wrong” by coupling voice control with “imaginary humans,” like Siri and Alexa.

“We went wrong a little bit as an industry coupling voice control very tightly with imaginary humans and little cylinders that sit on your desk,” Child said on TheWrap’s “Tech vs. Media” podcast with host Richard Wolpert. “I think speech recognition is actually pretty good, and I think you could actually do a lot of pretty straight forward tasks on your computer, on your phone [and] on these smart home devices without having to have an imaginary human living within your devices.”

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