The Menu: 10 Best Characters, Ranked By Likability

The Menu is one of the most entertaining movies of the year, bringing Ralph Fiennes back to a villainous role as the renowned Chef of an exclusive restaurant, preparing some shocking surprises for the small group of guests who arrive at his island to try a lavish menu.

With heavy names in the cast, such as Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult, The Menu is the kind of horror movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, offering a wide variety of characters from completely heinous to easily likable.


10/10 brice

Bryce in The Menu

Among so many arrogant and spiteful characters, it’s difficult to pick up the worst, but Bryce’s presumptuous tone and air of superiority grant him the feat of most detestable character. Unsurprisingly, he’s also a corrupt businessman.

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If one had to point out one likable thing about Bryce is that, at least, he’s got a personality among the many superficial guests next to him, even though his personality consists in being a full-time jerk. Thankfully, he gets a deservedly terrible birthday party.

9/10 tyler

Tyler in The Menu

Tyler might be one of Nicholas Hoult’s best roles, considering how effectively the actor invites the audience to hate him. An ordinarily nice guy on the surface, he quickly reveals himself to be an insensitive man who gets mad when he’s not the center of attention.

While everyone is freaking out at Chef Slowik’s shocking menu, Tyler peacefully carries on his plan of grabbing the Chef’s attention, dismissing his companion, Margot, with arrogance and totally disregarding the people getting harmed around him. As his mask falls off, viewers realize he’s just another finicky person in search of validation.

8/10 Richard

Richard in The Menu

Right from the start, both the viewers and Chef Slowik can catch Richard’s discomfort at being in the same room as Margot, which turns out to be a clue about Richard’s infidelity to his wife.

Apart from being an unethical man with a secret life, Richard tries to maintain a polite attitude and leave the restaurant without making a fuss, which ends up costing his hand. Viewers will hardly feel sorry for him, looking at him with indifference rather than disdain.

7/10 Lillian Bloom

Lillian Bloom in The Menu

Accompanied by her peer, whom Lillian seemingly brought with her in order to flatter her the whole time, she’s a renowned restaurant critic who’s tried Chef Slowik’s menu several times, which causes her to look at the atrocities before her as mere theatrical acts.

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Although she’s intelligent and successful, Lillian’s ignorance tops all of her traits and turns her into a condescending professional, which justifies Chef Slowik’s contempt. She does not let despair get over her head de ella, though, and accepts her fate de ella without losing her self-contained attitude de ella.

6/10 Movie Star

John Leguizamo in The Menu

One of the best things about The Menu is seeing John Leguizamo gradually lose his edge as the situation aggravates. He plays an unnamed movie star, which alone is an effective satire about celebrities who spend their whole lives trying to live up to their names.

Although the movie star’s overconfidence is eye-rolling, and he’s just as horrible as the other guests, his cocky personality and clownish ideas bring about good laughs, and viewers kind of wish he’d be one of the last to die, so they can laugh a little more.

5/10 felicity

Felicity from The Menu

Felicity is the hysterical character that every horror comedy has to offer. Although she doesn’t really have an exciting arc, Felicity has interesting chemistry with the “Movie Star,” and viewers root for her to break free of him.

The moment she confesses she’s stealing money from him is hilarious and delivers the shift of personality viewers were expecting to see, changing Felicty’s perspective from a whiny, spoiled moocher to a clever swindler who looks dumb only on the surface.

4/10 Katherine

Che Katherine and the Chef in menu

Chef Katherine doesn’t really appear until the latter half of The Menubut she delivers an outrageously funny first impression by showing up to make an unexpected point about sexism by stabbing Chef Slowik in the thigh.

It initially looked as if she was introduced only for that one scene, but she stayed with the female guests and shared a few caustic lines. Her commitment of her to the Chef’s cause is remarkable, staying until the end even though she knows she is going to die.

3/10 Elsa

Hong Chau In The Menu

Elsa is an unexpectedly fun character to watch and steals the show every time she’s onscreen. She’s Chef Slowik’s faithful assistant, a self-composed waiter that doesn’t seem to express any emotions, yet she’s present in the most hilarious moments of The Menu.

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Elsa takes her job perhaps way too seriously but doesn’t pass on the opportunity to make fun of the guests, delivering acidic one-liners without breaking character. She’s adorable even when she’s consumed by rage, which makes her fight scene with Margot even funnier as viewers low-key hope that she stays alive.

2/10 Chef Slowik

Closeup on Ralph Fiennes' face as Chef Slowik The Menu

Chef Slowik is a great addition to the list of frightening characters played by Ralph Fiennes, although it’s quite difficult to hate him. Owner of a high-profile restaurant, his motivations are succinct; After years of struggling to climb his way up the food chain and serve the most ignorant people in the world, he decides to make a cruel yet satisfying statement against the oppressive bourgeoisie.

As he contemplates his triumph by cooking everyone alive, including himself, he brilliantly delivers The Menu’s final punch line. One could argue Chef Slowik is totally deranged, but he’s one of the most entertaining villains to watch in a long time.

1/10 Margot

Anya Taylor-Joy in The Menu

Margot is the soul of the movie and the only character who actually has an authentic personality among all the exuberant guests that attend Chef Slowik’s exclusive restaurant. She’s not content with being a casual observer and is the first to notice things are quickly escalating to disturbing extremes, which makes her the most relatable character as well as the most likable.

From the get-go, Margot opts for challenging Chef Slowik, which ends up being her salvation. Her sharp wit de ella puts her in a position different from the others, and Slowik’s frame of mind changes whenever he approaches Margot. It’s no surprise she’s the only one that makes it out alive.

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